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Gardening Talk: Perfect partners


Combining pots and plants to create a balanced display is often a case of trial and error. Those with less experience may find it easier to opt for a collection  of containers made from the same material, which will make a harmonious  design for a formal or modern garden. A random group of pots in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials is ideal for an English style garden or informal space. Either set your pots out in height order in a formal fashion, or in a looser  way to produce a more relaxed display.

Perfect partners:
Perfect partners: agrinfobank.comPerfect partners:

A uniform group of plants growing in pots made from the same material can be a highly effective way of creating a focal point on a patio or terrace. For contemporary gardens, choose containers in colors and a design or finish that echoes your interior decoration to create a seamless flow from inside to out, or throw caution to the wind and use pots that contrast with your décor to create colorful punctuation points.

Give a sense of unity to your design by placing similar containers throughout your space to help draw the eye from one part of the garden to another. Alternatively, set identical plants and containers in a row to divide or enclose a patio, or to frame a feature or gateway. Tall, elegant containers work well in this context and ensure the materials complement your garden style.

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