Saturday, December 2, 2023

Govt moves to reintroduce agricultural display plots in Punjab

Wheat and canola across 3,000 rural union councils of Punjab.

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The Punjab agriculture department has determined to set up agricultural display plots for wheat and canola across 3,000 rural union councils of Punjab. The transfer, which comes as a part of the Prime Minister’s Agricultural Emergency Program, seeks to motivate native farmers and produce them up to pace with the most efficient agricultural tactics.

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Each agricultural display plot will occupy an acre of road-facing farming land and can be allotted to farmers with top class high quality produce. Farmers, who consider their produce to be of the caliber, might apply for the plots by filing an utility to the department of agriculture.

As in keeping with main points, the plots can be allocated by way of a fortunate draw and qualifying farmers can be granted Rs 11,000 consistent with plot for wheat and Rs 15,000 for canola. Each plot will probably be identified and advertised through a separate five-foot tall signboard erected on its premises.

After the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) declared the federal capital an urban space, no agriculture show plots may well be arrange within the district. However, in a bid to create awareness the Punjab agricultural department has moved to foot the bill for seeds, fertilizers and other agricultural merchandise needed to reintroduce the agriculture display plots in the remainder of the province.

Out of the 3,296 rural union councils, 3000 were green-lit for setting up the show plots, and the selection of plots can be higher to 7,000 through next year. So a ways, all farmers of the 36 districts of the province have been termed eligible for the wheat plots, whereas farmers from best 13 districts will be able to practice for the canola plots. a Brand New lucky draw will likely be held for every crop to extend the chance to a maximum number of farmers and all qualifying farmers can be unfastened to own and make the most of the yield from their show plots.

While agricultural display plots aren’t a brand new scheme, they’ve by no means been presented at such an extensive scale. Before 1996, farmers have been paid a nominal quantity to arrange a limited collection of display plots, which were allotted on basis of personal recommendations. “This is for the primary time that a mission for putting in agricultural show plots has been introduced at a provincial stage.

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