Annually, round 200 million tonnes of silt is amassing in Tarbella dam while in Mangla dam the amount is 75 million tonnes. The federal govt is planning to ascertain Ground Water Regulatory Authority (GWRA) and has asked the suggestions of the provincial government in this regard.

Annually, round 200 million tonnes of silt is amassing in Tarbella dam while in Mangla dam the amount is 75 million tonnes.

All the preparations relating to monsoon flood coverage have been completed and the general meeting to study the flood protection plan will likely be held in June, stated Chairman Federal Flood Commission Ahmad Kamal while briefing the National Assembly Standing Committee on Water Resources.

The committee assembly, which was held with Nawab Yusuf Talpur in chair, was once knowledgeable by way of chairman FFC that for water conservation several strategies are in pipeline.

To regulate the over utilization of underground water sources, the government is making plans to arrange GWRA. Similarly the provinces and Higher Education Commission were requested so as to add topics associated with water conservation to the curriculum, said Ahmad Kamal.

Secretary irrigation Balochistan has complained that the province isn’t getting its full proportion of water. Special secretary irrigation Sindh said that they’re getting 33 % less water than its share.

The Committee on water resource was knowledgeable that every year around 200 million lots of silt is amassing in Tarbella dam. The proposal of Tarbella’s desilting is currently into account however it is difficult job.

The committee was informed by means of Join Secretary Water Resource, Syed Mehr Ali Shah that around 200 million tones of silt in amassing in Tarbella reservoir once a year while in Mangla dam the volume of silt accumulation is 75 million tons .
It was knowledgeable that 60 to 62 million acre ft water is being wasted in Pakistan yearly.

The committee used to be further informed that for the storage of water 27 dam reservoirs tasks had been initiated.

Even after the construction of Diamir Bhasha there will likely be no surplus water availability in the gadget.

Regarding the water provide in the dual towns of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, member committee Ali Nawaz Awan said that the entire requirement of the twin cities is 226 million gallons. Rawalpindi is recently getting 56 million gallons of water, he stated.

Secretary irrigation Punjab, Amjad Qazi knowledgeable the committee that Punjab govt will complete the construction of Danducha dam inside 3 years. Around 35 million gallons of water in keeping with day of water will be supplied to the twin cities from Daducha dam, he added.

He said that Punjab has finalized it water policy. Under the water act 2019 water resource commission can be established in the province.

To withdraw underground water one might be required to get license from the water useful resource fee. Similarly without disposal licence water cannot be disposed off in rivers or canals, he added.

Secretary irrigation knowledgeable that for the simpler management of water machine Punjab Water Resource Regulatory Authority is being established.

The committee was informed that Sindh will finalize its water coverage inside six months.


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