Greenhouseis exclusive farm practiceof growing cropswithin sheltered arrangementscovered by permeable or partially permeable materials.the major purpose of greenhouseis to accommodate favourable growing conditions secure crops from unfavorable weather and various insect pests. Crops production is a very challenging business,wiya constantly exposed to unfavorable and climate conditions play an important role in determining the pace of crops production.

Raies Ali and Dr. Muhammad Yaseen

Department of Agriculture Extension, University of Sargodha.

However during time when global food security strongly depend on crop production, there is no place for any restrictions . Therefore the search for solution resulted in farm Management’s practice that implicates farming in controlled environment. Green house is one of the basic variations farming in controlled environment.

Greenhouse farming is a broad termthat involves various types of sheltered arrangements. Important elements that are associated with this type of farming consist on : shape structure of life span, size of the farm, Cover of the materias ,life span Each greenhouse structure is inclusiveof appearance that react differently then and to other management of farm practices:

Amount of sunlight, amount of natural ventilation, size of the farm, heating requirements, efficiency of materials, and costs, cost is the major aspects because most of the farmers has no income they belong to poor family, and and they get profits from the crops is too less. Therefore our farmers cannot afford it.

On the difference types of structure greenhouse farming has many types : glass house its structure is like to be a class and the second one is shade house its covered in woven or othermaterials with gaps that allows sunlight, air, moisture and other to pass. The third one is screen house which is covered with screening materials and to protect plants from insects pests and other severe weather conditions.This method is mostly used in hot or tropical Areas.

Some factors which is required for Greenhouse farming is that budget, materials availability, area of country, crops to be grown, cost and long term use. On thebasis of these factors some types of greenhouse is that first of all lean to type greenhouse which is attached to our home or building alloying for easier access to utilize including electricity and water supply. One advantage of a lean to Greenhouse is that it is very close to our house and allow for better monitoring to our plants. One disadvantage of a lean to Greenhouse is that sunlight entrance is limited. Second type of greenhouse farming is even Span.In even span greenhouse has a pitched or cottage type sides similar to that of a house. Advantage of even span greenhouse is that they have most common and have even spacing. One disadvantage is that they have overlapping panes which increase the chance of leakage. Third one type of greenhouse is Ridge and furrow greenhouse. Theses types of greenhouse have jointed community of even span greenhouse. This design allows for increase of space and sunlight. A disadvantage of a ridge and furrow greenhouse is that if water was not correctly drained damage could be caused. And also shadows from the gutter could prohibit sunlight. The fourth type of greenhouse is Quonset greenhouse. This type is like to be a dome shaped and provides optimal sun entrance. Quonset greenhouses have ventilation system, heating system, circulation fans and better environment control. One advantage of the Quonset greenhouse is that they work well on hillsides and maximize heating from the sun. A disadvantage of the Quonset greenhouse is that they are expensive and requires more support because of uneven structure.And the last type of greenhouse is barrel vault greenhouse. The barrel vault greenhouses consist of several Quonset type greenhouse connected through gutters. An advantage of the barrel vault greenhouse is that they can be built with a ridge vent which provides air circulation throughout. One disadvantage of the barrel vault greenhouse is that they are difficult to maintain.

The best of greenhouse farming is that in greenhouse crops production is a very risky business. The most powerful advantage is that it enables effective management and reduces risk. When we develop our own greenhouse our plants will no longer depend uponon weather conditions or patterns. In our green house we can use different techniques to keep a stable temperature. In this way we will be able to case less stress for the plants. Furthermore we will also promote strong growth earlier in the year. One of the best techniques is thermal solar mass. In this way we will also use implement the use of heating fans and human made heaters.Polycarbonate is plastic meterial which is used for Store, absorb, and then release heat.

Polyethylene plastic is also used for this purpose. Relying on demand availability and production methods the prices of thevegetables vary as they come in and out of season. HoweverIf we invest in a greenhouse we have the opportunity to offer To offer a wide variety of vegetables and fruits in off season. In this way when the supply is low we will create greater availability for our customers. Greenhouse farming alsooffers that we have the opportunity to grow flower and new vegetables which do not generally thrives in our climate.In threats to crops with greenhouse farming we can prevent our crops from insects and rodents. Furthermore this environment will also protect our crops from outside weather, climatic conditions, pests and diseases. We can use minimize the risk of insects pests which can effect our crops.

If we talk about the bad features of greenhouse farming then for this purpose we will need to supplies or a kit that can ensure a good life span for our crops. If we use cheaper film plastic to maintain and store heat they can work just fine. However if we setup more expensive glass windows this will be last longer. We will be able to ventilate the greenhouse when opening them. Furthermore if we use electronic heater for heat the it can increase monthly bill incomes. In greenhouse farming one of the major bad features that there is no case for pollination. But pollination is more important for plants growth and Seed germination. Because pollination occurr through wind, water and through insects but But there is no case in Greenhouse farming.

Important vegetables and fruits wich we can grow in our Greenhouse farming is that papaya and strawberry in fruits and in vegetables tomato, onions, cabbage, chilli, radish, cauliflower etc. In fruits rose and marigold can be growing.

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