Knowledge and Agriculture

Education, the cornerstone of a knowledge economy, is given a low priority in developing countries. This is because of the vested interests of powerful...

Agriculture jobs websites in Pakistan

There are many online jobs portal in Pakistan that share daily updated jobs in Pakistan. The most popular Job portal of Pakistan is , it's most...

Organic Agriculture Industries Status of Pakistan

Organic farming is a new fascinating trend in Pakistan agriculture farmers and exporter community. The main reason of increasing farmer’s interest in organic farming...

Understanding Common House and Garden Insecticides

Pesticides include any substances used to kill, control or repel pests. We use pesticides almost every day, from ant and roach sprays for the...

Best Growing Practices of Papaya

Iqra Mumtaz, Dr. Rashid Mukhtar Balal, Mujahid Ali (Horticulture, College of Agriculture, University of Sargodha) Pakistan is honored with different environments for the development of a...

Crop-damaging armyworms raise alarm in Asia: FAO

Crop-damaging insects these days sweeping throughout Asia are alarming smallholder farmers as the threaten their livelihoods, the UN food company reported. At...

5 Easy Ways to Control Pests Naturally

I have a confession to make: I hate bugs. They give me the goosebumps and shudders like everyone else, but they also...

Climate Change: One More Problem for Pakistan

The Indus river, originating on the Tibetan Plateau and flowing for nearly 2,000 miles through the disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir and finally...

Cultivation of red gold (Saffron) in Pakistan

Hafiz Kashif Ali, Shahla Rashid, Erum Rashid (University College of Agriculture University of Sargodha, Sargodha) The stigma of Crocus sativus is called as saffron. Saffron is...
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Top 5 tech innovations in agriculture

There are an estimated 570 million farms in the world and, in a neat twist of number synergy, according to Valoral Advisors, funding rounds...

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Control of Chilli Thrips with Botanical Insecticides

Chilli thrips are important pests of roses and other ornamental plants causing feeding damage that results in characteristic leaf and bud scarring, discoloration, and...

CPEC: Pak to export hybrid rice for the first time ever

The mega China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has enabled Pakistan to export hybrid rice for the first time ever. The statement aforementioned is a proof...

EU Just Banned this Popular Fungicide Over Safety Concerns

The EU has banned the United Kingdom’s most-used fungicide after mavens had been not able to rule out the likelihood that...

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