organized online training season on ZOOM, the detail of the season is:

Basic objective

The basic objective of training is give an overview of hydroponics farming.


The trainer of the training is Mr. Anjum Sharif from Daim fertilizers and chemicals. He has long experience in the field of agriculture and hydroponics.

Topic: Hydroponic Farming: Introduction
Time: Apr 8, 2020 03:00 PM Asia/Karachi

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 550 090 415
Password: 000141

Who Can Join

This training season is organized for Pakistan and farmers, students, researchers and gardeners can join this training season.

Participants Limits

A total 100 participants can join the season

First Season Duration

First season duration is 40 min (03:00pm to 03:40pm)

Question and Answer Season

After the first season, the Meeting ID of the question-answer season will share on our Facebook page and website and you can join the Q&A season for the answering of your question.

Break Between two Season:

10 min break between two seasons.

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