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IDA may give $160 million for rehabilitation of barrages in Sindh

International Development Association (IDA) can possible provide to produce $160 million for Sindh Barrages Improvement Phase-I Project to safeguard the reliable supply of water to regarding a million hectares through the rehabilitation of the Guddu barrage and therefore the improvement of O&M capability of the Irrigation and Power Department.
$160 million for rehabilitation of barrages in SindhAccording to IBRD report, Pakistan’s agricultural sector is sort of altogether enthusiastic about irrigation. Irrigated land provides over ninety p.c of agricultural production. Agriculture in most areas isn’t doable while not irrigation as a result of the climate of Asian country.
Annual rain over abundant of the realm isn’t over 150mm each year with high evaporation rate, starting from one,250mm to 2,800mm each year. Given temperature change and high increase rates, current varieties of water resources management square measure wide recognised as being unsustainable and inadequate to confirm future water convenience for food security, economic process, and therefore the wants of the setting, report mentioned. IBRD report mentioned that the barrages square measure strategic hydraulic assets.
Barrages square measure wont to raise the water level within the watercourse in order that irrigation water is amused to the most and link canals by gravity for varied uses. Barrages also are used for watercourse management and flood management, act as a supply of water system for all sectors of the economy, perform as bridges over rivers, and square measure usually used for utility crossings like gas pipelines. Therefore, the condition and therefore the safe and reliable operation of a barrage have extensive implications for the resource and economic process of all sectors of society. Guddu barrage has major issues of safety. The other, Sukkur barrage, is one in every of the oldest and serves regarding 3 million area unit of agricultural land. It conjointly has many issues of safety. The Kotri barrage was restored in 2000.

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