Organic farming is form of farming which is not done by the use of artificial fertilizer , that is done by the natural ways like by the use of waste material of animals or by the use of organic fertilizer. Organic farming plays an important role to establish a relationship between human and nature. Organic farming uses nature as a model. It encouraging natural predators to manage pests . It consider the form as an integrated entity. It do not consume or release synthetic pesticides or chemicals. It based on maintaining a living soil. It feeding the soil not a plant. In organic farming , organic matters is maintained in the soil.  In organic farming, organic matters provide soil nutrients to the macro-organisms which nourishing the growth of plant .

Ahtesham Ali and Dr Muhammad Yaseen

Department of agriculture extension, College of agriculture Extension, University of SargodhaOrganic farming protect the environment and decrease the soil degradation. It decrease pollution, optimize biological productivity and promote a sound state of health. It maintains the fertility of soil for a long term duration. It maintains the biological diversity with in a system.  It recycle the natural materials and resources with in a ecosystem. It promotes the health of livestock and also promote the health of consumers those depends that livestock.

It prepare organic and healthy products, emphasizing careful processing and handling methods. It rely on renewable resources. In organic farming, we not use chemical fertilizer, pesticides and weedicides  that’s why organic farming decrease the soil pollution. It do not contaminate the water resources. It do not leaching the narrates. The food which is obtained by the organic farming contains sufficient amount  of vitamins and minerals along with their nutrients. Organically grown food is free from contaminating with health harming chemicals.

That food contains higher vitamins C contents in vegetables. It contains higher minerals and dry water higher phytonutrients.It good for animals feed due to absence of chemicals which are used in pesticides. Food grown by organic farming has better taste than the regular food as well as healthy. Organically grown food has better shelf life. Organic farming nourishes the soil by increasing  the organic matters in soil.

 Nitrogen cycle etc. and also takes part to build soil organic matters. By using bio-fertilizers we can produce healthy plants which contain lots of useful nutrients that are important for the survival of living organism. We use bio-fertilizers, to increase the fertility of the soil. On that soil plant growth is more and healthy crop will be cultivated. Soil contains ions like Na+, Cl, and ammonia (NH3) and urea (NH2COONH2). Ammonia and urea both are organic fertilizers which are used for increase the power of soil to produce healthy plants. Both are act as fertilizers for soil. Urea is present in dunk of animals.

They also synthesize in laboratory for increasing productivity. It is also responsible for the prosperity of country as country. Prosperity depends upon the prosperity of its people and human prosperity indirectly related with farm products such as food and clothing the prime necessaries are product of farming. Farming also provides basic raw materials which assures the prosperity of industries. The monoculture of high yielding seeds required external inputs of chemical fertilizers. Fertilizers also soil organism due to which work done by these organism remains let like fixation nitrogen and formation of phosphorous.

Because of the resistance against diseases and insects it lowers the input through not burring very expensive agrichemicals like insecticides, fungicides and other pesticides. Plants weed; restore the soil condition, lower input by producing their own organic fertilizers out of their compost. Early remineralization restores the soil and keeps infertile. Organic plants are more resistance to non-organic industries plants need water constantly otherwise the will die very quickly, because of a toxic amount of salt in their cells which is caused by agrichemicals. In long term it provides more productivity protects the soil of the land and plants can be grown there for several generations (not like non organic farms). They do not destroy the soil by disrupting the soils structure, while drilling the seed in herbicides treated soils after the use of soil. Soil loses its nutrients and we need to replenish it. Rather than replenishing by using chemicals or organic farmers use natural manures. This is a biggest benefit of organic farming. Good for the environment and yield are healthy for human and animals consumption it reduces non-renewable.

It improves the fertility of soil and soil degradation and also increase the fertility of soil. It increase the beneficial organisms in the soil which improve the growth of soil. It does not harm the useful organisms in the soil. The soil which is cultivated by organic methods has better soil properties.

Organic farming increasing carbon dioxide censtration in the environment by leading global warming and climatic change. Organic farming also helps in this it sequestrate more carbon than regular conventional farming. It is profitable for the formers because of less water requirements and no use of expensive chemicals fertilizer.Organically grown food has better demand and price than the conventional food. It has better energy efficiency because it reduce the energy requirements for the production system. It helps in mitigating the climatic change and protects biodiversity. It converts the natural resources in sustainable ways. It provide employment for a labour in rural areas. It is important for labor and rural economy. It has less agriculture production yield than conventional farming.It aims to build up, or at least maintain and soil nutrients reverses. It  improves physical, chemical and biological condition of soil.

Organic farming can also be done by some fertilizers, these fertilizer are known as organic fertilizer. Generally organic fertilizers are obtained from compost, animal waste and plant waste from agriculture and sewage sludge. Normally mixing natural compost comprise creature squanders from meat handling, slurry and peat. Natural manures were carbon based mixture that increament the development  quality and efficiency of plant. Natural manures a long way from being improved and decontaminated synthetic substances where mind boggling intensifies that add miniature supplement and various optionals.

The mined powdered rock phosphate limestone and chilean salt paper were in organic compounds which can be dynamically intensive to harvest. Mineral manures containing N P K and S ansent crop yield as well as dietary nature of harvest creation like oil, starch, protein and significant amino acids and nutrients in beats, tubers, oil seeds and vegetables crosspondingly. Animal resources contain the product of slaughter of animal hides, blood meals, hoofs, bone meals and horns were chemically precursors. Simple form of animal compost includes farm slurry on farmyard manures. Sewage sludge is material that have human excreta as it processed after mixing excretory products with water and waste water of treatment in sewage treatment plant.


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