Wednesday, April 17, 2024

International Conference on Biological Control of Pests & Diseases: Progress & Prospects”

Despite intensive use of pesticides, up to 30% of global agricultural yields are affected by pests and diseases despite intensive use of synthetic pesticide. Biological control of insect pests and diseases is one of the major eco-friendly services provided to agriculture sector worldwide. Use of predators, parasitoids, pathogens and use of bio pesticides are the best alternatives for pest management at low cost and with minimal environmental hazard. The main theme of the conference is to address issues related to various biological control approaches in the context of biodiversity, increased synthetic pesticide pressure and climate change. The emphasis would also be on the challenges faced by researchers, farmers and other stakeholders in implementing biological control programs.

Department of Agriculture and Agribusiness Management offers specialized courses in Agribusiness Management, Plant Pathology and Plant Protection. Courses offered at the department enable the students to acquire in-depth knowledge of pest and diseases affecting crop, vegetable, fruit and ornamental plants in the country as well as the management strategies to overcome the problem.

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