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Rice farmers advised to adopt SRI tech for higher yield

Noticing the falling yield of rice in Pakistan the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) representative has urged the Pakistani rice farmers to adopt the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) prepared by the World Bank Institute (WBI) and widely practiced in several rice growing countries successfully for achieving higher productivity and water savings.Rice farmers advised to adopt SRI tech for higher yield-Agriculture Information Bank(
In a statement Zulfikar Thaver member UNGC lauded the efforts of the WBI for preparing and promoting the SRI and said that the SRI is a guide for rice farmers and teaches them rice planting and water management for increase in yield and income. It is based on six key elements and educates the rice farmers in land preparation, seedlings preparation, innovative transplanting, intermittent irrigation, rotary weeding and organic fertilisation.
He said it is a marvelous system which can give remarkable improvement in yield per acre and lowers cost of production scientifically.
After studying the SRI one realises the need to adopt the system without loss of time. It is pertinent to note that no heavy farm machinery is required as it is very simple and its application is based on methods and techniques and simple devices are used in plantation after land preparation and intermittent irrigation under single plantation techniques.
He urged the ministry of agriculture to immediately contact the WBI and plan to introduce the SRI for the next cultivation for all varieties of rice in all the provinces for best results.

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