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Karma Farm: Modern Hydroponics farm

Karma Farm: Modern Hydroponics farm: Meet Jon and Nat Shaw of Karma Farm in Monkton, MD. Jon turned his passion into a business when he opened Karma Farm in 2009. Today, Karma Farm supplies local farm-to-table restaurants in the Baltimore area with fresh and local produce. When Jon’s son, Nat, developed an interest in hydroponics, Jon saw bringing the LGM™ onto his farm as an opportunity to diversify his crops and welcome his son into the family business. Watch our video profile to learn more about their operations.


Jon always had a passion for organic vegetable gardening and, after 45 years, he transformed his hobby into a career and launched Karma Farm.  

Beyond a traditional soil operation, Jon had success with season extension practices including hoop and row houses. The farm became a family endeavor when Jon’s son Nat – a business and sustainability student – discovered the Leafy Green Machine™ and the duo decided to bring it to Karma Farm.

Today, the father-son team run the farm, with Jon farming his traditional land and Nat running the hydroponic operations. With the joint operation, the Shaws provide the Baltimore area’s farm-to-table restaurants with a variety of vegetables, including lettuces, leafy greens, and herbs which they grow year-round in the LGM™.

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I was motivated to become a Freight Farmer because of my desire to turn our family farm into a sustainable business… Our LGM gives us the ability to sustain a broader product line throughout the year and sustain our revenue and employee base over the winter.

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