Kisan Board Pakistan (KBP) Central President Sardar Zafar Hussein has urged the rulers to immediately declare water as a national asset and make efforts for implementation on Indus Basin Water Treaty instead of entering in to any new agreement with India. KB urges government to declare water as national assetHe said that the government should give preference to shortage of water being created due to Indian water aggression against Pakistan. Only solution to energy crisis is construction of immediate new dams. Zafar, while reacting to the Federal Minister for Water and Power Khawaja Asif’s statement of doing a new agreement with India instead of following the Indus Basin Water Treaty, KBP Chief stated that India had already deprived Pakistan of 90 percent of the river water by construction hundreds of new dams due to ineptness of Indus Water Commission officers, past and present rulers.
In the eyes of Kisan Board, the biggest issued being faced by Pakistan today is water shortage and Indian aggression against Pakistan but present rulers, in the love of India, were totally ignoring this harsh fact endangering the economy and sovereignty of Pakistan. Meanwhile Agri Forum Pakistan (AFP) Chairman Dr Muhammad Ibrahim Mughal in an e-statement on the similar issue alleged that India has launched a silent war against Pakistan and constructing many new dams on Jhelum and Chenab.


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