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Kitchen gardening – which vegetables to grow in summer


Today i am going to proportion an important subject Kitchen gardening – which vegetables to develop in summer. Here are some of the greens which can be grown in summer in lahore, karachi, peshawar and different similar climates. The perfect time to plant those greens is from February 15 to March 31. But you’ll be able to plant/sow them any time between March and May relying upon the type of vegetable.

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For seeds, combine outdated manure or leaf compost & soil in 1:4 and for seedling transplant or mature vegetation in 2:5.Prepare a soil mix which is unfastened, doesn’t compact and drains smartly for instance in the event you water them in huge volume it must drain totally in 1 minute.. if the water is status then upload small amount of sand in it. Mix neatly with neatly rotted manure which has no scent..

 Okra (ladyfinger) – Bhindi بھنڈی Suitable for pots as well. Sown in February for April crop and however in June/July for September crop.

 Bitter gourd (karela) کریلہ  Mint (pudina) پودینہ Suitable for pots as well.

 Aubergine/ Egg plant (brinjal) Baingan بینگن. Suitable for pots as neatly.Does neatly with well manured soil, however watch out not to over-water or over-feed.

 Bottle gourd (lauki) کدو, ridge gourd (tori) توری and inexperienced gourd (tinda) ٹینڈا Sown in March and April for End May crop. Then once more in June/July for September crop

 Tomato ٹماٹر Suitable for pots as well .

 Spinach پالک

 Capsicum Suitable for pots as smartly

 Cucumber کھیرا That contains hari mirch and shimla mirch. They love heat. Sown in February and March for crop in April

 Sweet Peppers شملہ مرچ Suitable for pots as smartly

 Radish مولی

 Cabbage بند گوبھی

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