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Management Practices and Nutritional Aspects of Apple

(By Usama Ahmad, Mujahid Ali, Dr. Rashid M. Balal)

(Horticulture, College of Agriculture, UOS)

A great proverb is “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Apples are the most open concerning and delicious natural product of the world. Apple is a temperate region fruit. But its cultivation was initially started in the tropical region of South Asia but now it is widely cultivated on the large area all over the world. In Pakistan apple is produced mainly in Baluchistan which extends up to KPK which is ranked 2nd largest producing province. Apple is also cultivated on hilly tracks in Punjab in Murree. Azad Kashmir also contributes in apple production and has the best taste. 

In production around the globe, China holds the 1st ranking in apple production with a yield of 3,96,82,618 tons annually. United States, Turkey, Poland, Italy, India, France, Chile, Iran, and Russian Federation are top apple producing countries. Apple is native to the Caucasus Mountains of West Asia; it has been under cultivation since prehistoric times. According to ancient tradition, the forbidden fruit of the garden of Eden was the apple. In religious painting, the apple represents the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, as do occasionally the pear and the quince.

Apple (Malus domestica), the fruit of the domesticated tree Malus domestica (family Rosaceae), one of the most widely cultivated tree fruits. The apple is a pome (fleshy) fruit, in which the ripened ovary and surrounding tissue both become fleshy and edible. The apple blossom of most assortments requires cross-fertilization for preparation. Whenever reaped, apples are generally roundish, 5-10 cm (2-4 inches) in measurement, and some shade of red, green, or yellow in shading; they change in size, shape, and causticity relying upon the assortment. Apple natural product highlights oval or pear shape. Its external peel shows up in various tones and hues relying on the cultivar write. Inside, it’s firm, the succulent mash is grayish to cream in shading, and has a blend of somewhat sweet and tart flavor. Its seeds are intense in taste, and along these lines, unappetizing.

Apple can be developed at height of 1500m-2700 m above ocean level. The temperature amid the apple developing season ought to associate with 21-24 C. For best development and fruiting apple trees need 100cm-125cm of yearly precipitation. A lot of precipitation and mist close to the organic product development period will bring about poor natural product quality with uncalled for shading advancement. Apple development isn’t reasonable where high speed of winds is normal. Apple development is reasonable in loamy soils with rich in natural issue and pH ranges from 5.5-6.5. Soils with great seepage are most reasonable for apple development. Apple trees are sprouted on crab apple, on different East Mailing composes, and on seedlings of some business apple assortments. In the Murree Hills, crab apple is the main prevalently utilized rootstock. Other than crab apple, some different rootstocks are utilized as a part of Sariab, Quetta and Tarnab, Peshawar, including, M-I, M-7, and M-9.

Business apple engendering is finished by growing and tongue joining strategies. The planting materials should just be acquired from enrolled nurseries. Apple planting ought to be done in January to February. The mix of scion and rootstock assortment decides the apple plant dispersing and plant thickness. Hexagonal or square arrangement of ranch is followed in valleys though shape framework is taken after on the inclines. Over the most recent 20 years as good as ever small-scale engendering procedures have been produced for some, rootstocks including the apple clones M. 9, M.26, M.27, and MM.lll. Apple ranch of pollinator’s species in the middle of the primary species is required for appropriate natural product setting. For foundation of regal heavenly assortment ranch of brilliant flavorful and red delightful are prescribed as pollinators. Burrow pit of size 1m×1m×1m are set up for planting in October to November month. In each pit 30kg of Farm Yard Manure, 500g of Single superphosphate and 50g of Malathion clean are included. Territory is flooded promptly after estate. FYM at 10kg every year time of tree is connected alongside different manures. The proportion of NPK connected is 70:35:70 grams for each year. For inadequacy of boron, zinc, manganese and calcium utilize suitable measure of manures. Utilization of glyphosate@ 800ml/ha as post rise herbicide will kill the weed development for 4-5 months.

The watering ought to be done following 15-20 days. In summer watering ought to be done after the interim of 6-10 days while in winters following 3 a month interim. Very nearly 8 water systems are required from April to August for legitimate organic product set. Convenient preparing and pruning are required for development and advancement for good nature of apples. The apples are prepared according to development propensity and force of rootstock. The trees are adjusted by focus pioneer framework. Axle shrub framework is the best reason for high thickness apple planting under mid slope conditions. Green manuring crops like bean and sunflower can be developed in early years of apple planting with a specific end goal to build soil supplements. Utilizing Oak leaves or dry grass to be viable in saving soil dampness, the primary vermin in apple estate are wooly apple aphid, San Jose scale, white scale and blossom thrips. Planting of safe rootstock and showering with fenitrothion, chloropyriphos, carbaryl has been observed to be more powerful in controlling bug nuisance and ailments.

The primary illnesses of apple development are neckline decay, crown irritates, apple scab, kick the bucket back and infection maladies. The influenced plant parts ought to be decimated. The illness safe plant ought to be developed. Apply mancozeb, carbendazim and different fungicides for controlling maladies. Post-reap administration exercises incorporate pre-cooling of apples in which apples are puts in cool spots to evacuate field warm. Evaluating of apples relies upon natural product size and quality. Apples have a long capacity life as it can be put away for 4-8 months after collect. Apples are pressed into wooden boxes for transportation.

Apples are low in calories; 100 g of new natural product cuts give only 50 calories. They, be that as it may contain no soaked fats or cholesterol. In any case, the natural product is rich in dietary fiber, which averts assimilation of dietary-LDL or terrible cholesterol in the gut. The fiber additionally spares the colon mucous film from the introduction of poisonous substances by authoritative to disease-causing chemicals inside the colon. Apples are rich in cancer prevention agent phytonutrients flavonoids and polyphenolics. The aggregate estimated cancer prevention agent quality (ORAC esteem) of 100 g apple organic product is 5900 TE. A portion of the vital flavonoids in apples is quercetin, epicatechin, and procyanidin B2. Furthermore, they are additionally great in tartaric corrosive that gives tart flavor to them. Inside and out, these mixes enable the body to shield from hurtful impacts of free radicals.

Apple natural product contains great amounts of vitamin-C and β-carotene. Vitamin C is a capable regular cell reinforcement. Utilization of nourishments rich in vitamin-C enables the body to create protection against irresistible operators and rummage destructive, professional incendiary free radicals from the body. Further, apple organic product is a perfect wellspring of B-complex vitamins, for example, riboflavin, thiamin, and pyridoxine (vitamin B-6). Together, these vitamins help as co-factors for proteins in digestion and in different engineered works inside the human body.

Apples likewise convey little amounts of minerals like potassium, phosphorus, and calcium. Potassium is an imperative segment of cell and body liquids enables the controlling heart to rate and circulatory strain; in this manner, counters the awful impacts of sodium. The part of apples in malignancy aversion has been a subject of concentrate for quite a while. While they have indicated the direct change in treating different sorts of the tumor, especially colon malignancy, the hugest revelations have been with respect to lung disease. Apples demonstrate an unmistakable and obvious ability to decrease lung disease and moderate its spread on the off chance that it develops. Speculations generally talk about the high phytonutrient content, including kaempferol and quercetin, yet the correct instrument for apples’ effect on tumor is still to be known.

Apples are accepted to make the eyes more grounded and enhance visual perception. They additionally help in treating night visual impairment. Quite a bit of this is because of the way that apples are rich in flavonoid mixes and cell reinforcement phytonutrients, which can decrease the effect of free radicals on the eyes while forestalling conditions like macular degeneration, waterfalls, and glaucoma. Apples can be eaten crude appropriate off the tree or in an assortment of dishes, for example, organic product plates of mixed greens and custards. Squeezed apple is additionally a typical drink all through the world and it is likewise incorporated into numerous sweets. These organic products can be prepared, minced, squashed, solidified, or even dried into chips as a sound, sweet bite. Apple seeds contain cyanide, a capable toxic substance. Eating an excessive number of apple seeds can possibly be deadly. Apple seeds ought not to be devoured. Apples are genuinely acidic, they could be up to four times more harming to teeth than carbon

Dr. Mujahid Ali
Dr. Mujahid Ali
I am working as Assistant Horticulturist (BS-18) at Water Management Research Farm Renala Khurd, before this served as Assistant Professor (IPFP) in Horticulture at the University of Sargodha. I have completed my Ph.D. in 2018 from the Institute of Horticultural Sciences, UAF previously worked as Visiting Lecturer in Horticulture UOS, worked as Research Fellow in ACIAR project on vegetables, and worked as Teaching Assistant in Horticulture UAF. Moreover, Ph.D. IRSIP did in the NC State University, United States.

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