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Medicinal Importance of Guava

(M. Modassar Ali*, Dr. Tusneem Kausar*, Mujahid Ali**)

(*Institute of Food Science and Nutrition, UOS; **Horticulture, UOS)

Industrialization has prompted numerous adjustments in the way of life of the world’s populace, offering ascend to expand the files of a few illnesses, including ceaseless degenerative maladies, for example, insulin protection, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, metabolic disorder and cardiovascular infections, lessening the personal satisfaction and expanding costs of hospitalizations, prescriptions, and other general wellbeing intercessions. Guava are regular tropical natural products developed and delighted in numerous tropical and subtropical districts. Psidium guajava (normal guava, lemon guava) is a little tree in the Myrtle family (Myrtaceae), local to Mexico, Central America, and northern South America. Albeit related species may likewise be called guavas, they have a place with different animal varieties or genera, for example, the “pineapple guava” Acca sellowiana. In 2011, India was the biggest maker of guavas. The principal constituents of guava are vitamins, tannins, phenolic mixes, flavonoids, basic oils, sesquiterpene alcohols and triterpenoid acids. These and different mixes are identified with numerous wellbeing impacts of guava. A few creators have discovered high groupings of carotenoids (beta-carotene, lycopene, and beta-cryptoxanthin), vitamin C and polyphenols in guava mash. Lycopene has been connected with the counteractive action of cardiovascular harm in view of its constructive outcomes on dyslipidemia. Ascorbic corrosive is perceived for its imperative cell reinforcement impacts. Psidium guajava is one of such restorative plants having a place with the family Myrtaceae that is likewise utilized as a wellspring of sustenance. P. guajava has a rich ethno-restorative history. Distinctive parts of the plant are utilized as a part of different indigenous frameworks of pharmaceutical, basically for the treatment of gastrointestinal issue (Begum et al., 2002; Jaiarj et al., 1999). A portion of the ethno-therapeutic uses incorporates the devastating of the leaves and the utilization of the fluids turning out from them on wounds, cuts, ulcers, bubbles, skin and delicate tissue irresistible site, rheumatic spots (Aliyu, 2006). All parts of this tree, including organic products, leaves, bark, and roots, have been utilized for treating stomachache and looseness of the bowels in numerous nations. Leaves, mash and seeds are utilized to treat respiratory and gastrointestinal scatters, and as an antispasmodic, calming, as a hack soothing, against diarrheic, in the administration of hypertension, weight and in the control of diabetes mellitus. It additionally has anticancer properties. The seeds are utilized as antimicrobial, gastrointestinal, hostile to unfavorably susceptible and against cancer-causing movement. Guava bark is utilized restoratively as an astringent and to treat loose bowels in kids, while the blossoms have been utilized to treat bronchitis and blemishes and to cool the body. The organic product has been utilized as a tonic and diuretic, and for treatment of draining gums. The plant is utilized as a part of Africa and Asia to anticipate and treat scurvy; it additionally is utilized to treat hypertension in the focal level of Burkina Faso (West Africa). Ethno-therapeutic reports record utilization of the plant in treating jungle fever (Begum et al., 2002; Belemtougri et al., 2006). The youthful leaves of the plant have been utilized as a tonic to regard stomach related conditions, for example, cholera and looseness of the bowels in Brazil and Mexico. Flow Mexican restorative information record the treatment of intense looseness of the bowels, tooting, and gastric agony by utilizing a guava leaf water decoction for oral organization 3 times day by day. A decoction of youthful leaves and shoots is recommended as a febrifuge and a spasmolytic. In Bolivia and Egypt, guava leaves are utilized to treat hack and aspiratory maladies. Youthful guava leaves are utilized to treat hack in India, and in China, the leaves are utilized as a calming and haemostatic operator (Jaiarj et al., 1999; Begum et al., 2002). Guava leaf separate has pain relieving, mitigating, antimicrobial, hepatoprotective and cancer prevention agent exercises. These impacts are presumably because of the nearness of phenolic mixes. The guava has numerous little seeds with maroon or white mash. The guava seeds are palatable. The guava is stacked with cancer prevention agents, fundamental unsaturated fats, iodine and different supplements. The skin and seed of the guava have carotenoids, flavonoid, glycosides and phenolic mixes. It has additionally got anti-infection and calming impacts. It is exceedingly prescribed that guava seeds must expand with entire guava (counting skin and tissue). No one but seeds could cause issue in stomach. The guava seeds and natural products help to bring down the hypertension as it is rich in potassium. Guava seeds are successful in curing obstruction with its stimulant purgative impact. It helps in processing since guava seeds are an incredible wellspring of dietary fiber. As the guava seeds have the polyunsaturated unsaturated fats keeps up the cholesterol levels. As the seeds are stacked with fiber, it keeps the bile retention in the digestive organs. The liver create bile salts to cover the loss of bile. The cholesterol in the circulatory system is brought down as the body delivers the bile salts by expanding the creation of LDL receptors. The guava mash wipes out the development of tumor cells. It has lycopene in the high sum which faces the prostate tumor. It additionally keeps the advancement of bosom disease cells. The disease is controlled and counteracted by the cancer prevention agent which protects the body from free radicals. Concentrates give the counter malignancy impacts on hematological and strong neoplasms. Fiber is vital for bringing down glucose levels. In the meantime, it is useful for purifying the stomach related framework and keeping up free defecation. Guava mash is rich in filaments. The more your framework remains clean, the more joyful you will be from inside. Guavas contain a mineral known as folate. It advances fruitfulness in people.

There is parcel of others medical advantages like Guavas contain the following component copper which is great for keeping up the great working of the thyroid organ. Guavas are rich in manganese which causes the body to ingest other key supplements from the nourishment that we eat. Guava is rich in magnesium which goes about as an anxious relaxant. It unwinds muscles and nerves of the body. It keeps your cerebrum capacities positive by keeping up great bloodstream and furthermore by imbuing it with Vit B3 and Vit B6. Guava can help weight reduction as it adequately avoids or backs off the ingestion of sugar in the blood. With its extravagance in fiber, guava is a brilliant common body chemical. Guava Juice goes about as an antibacterial operator. Guava has an ability to a therapist and gets any open tissues in your body. Guava juice is a viable solution for treat dengue fever. It is prescribed to drink the guava squeeze no less than three times in a day for viable outcomes. Guava natural product juice is an astringent that can give you moment help from a toothache and mouth and gum bruises. Guava can enhance cerebrum work since it enhances dissemination in your body. Since it contains abnormal amounts of potassium, it helps in directing pulse. It has been accounted for that this mineral can help in turning around the impacts of over the top sodium in the body. Guava has an essential part to play in skincare since it possesses large amounts of vitamin C, cancer prevention agents, and carotene, which are all advantageous for your skin. Pink guava helps in decorating your skin, along these lines empowering it to recapture its brilliance and freshness. Pink guavas contain double the measure of lycopene show in tomatoes. Pakistan is famous for guava production. Guava is the fourth most important fruit crop in Pakistan.

Dr. Mujahid Ali
Dr. Mujahid Ali
I am working as Assistant Horticulturist (BS-18) at Water Management Research Farm Renala Khurd, before this served as Assistant Professor (IPFP) in Horticulture at the University of Sargodha. I have completed my Ph.D. in 2018 from the Institute of Horticultural Sciences, UAF previously worked as Visiting Lecturer in Horticulture UOS, worked as Research Fellow in ACIAR project on vegetables, and worked as Teaching Assistant in Horticulture UAF. Moreover, Ph.D. IRSIP did in the NC State University, United States.

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