The main objective of the farmers who work in agriculture, money, and even though some of the farmers who grow the crops, in order to meet the needs of themselves and their families on small plots of land. Natural Agriculture refers to the production of agricultural products, to the right, and mostly to satisfy local needs, and is very small, the. Device selection is done mainly with an eye on what the family wants for the next year, for the second time, on the Sunday of the costs. Tony Waters writes: “the Farmer is living in a natural farms are the ones who grow what they eat, build their homes and their lives, are often shopping at the market.”

 Muhammad Abdullah Sahi and Dr. Muhammad Yaseen

Department of Agricultural Extension

College of Agriculture, University of Sargodha

Intermediaries are individuals / companies who perform a variety of functions related to the sale, purchase and sale of the goods as they move from the producer to the consumer. They are classified by the commission’s agents, real estate agents, wholesalers, and retailers.

The middleman to mediate between the producers and the consumers in the city. However, in Pakistan, it is considered that the role of the facilitator can be a bit exploitative, and it’s affecting the interests of farmers. The farmers sell their products to middlemen at a lower price because they do not have direct access to the markets. These are the mediators of the World Health Organization, the market price of the Authority.

Agricultural production is mainly made up of a small operation. In most of the cases, which are selling at an individual manufacturer will allow the foundation to the small market, the. The customers are able to get in touch with farmers directly as the plants spread across the big, the strong, the soil is not available, because of the poor conditions on the roads, farm-to-market access, and the lack of proper transportation. A bad thing to carry along to sales, and hospitality/gardening products is a problem for the farmers.

In this situation, the intermediaries of the use of the service, and to occasionally play the role of the co-conspirators in an exploitation role. Most of the farmers are small farmers (World Health Organization) has no funds in order to finance the common needs of users. In the majority of cases, the borrowing of money, the middleman, to work, to run their farms, and it can, therefore, sell their products at a lower price point.

The role of intermediaries in the marketing chain is quite complex. They are the most powerful of the players, and to define their principles. The farmer and the option chain, the player of the clients, like the Processor, to rely on what was available to them. Contractors / middlemen, who in most cases had a product or service that is significantly lower than the market price. They will check for the values of, and, therefore, farmers do not have the right to vote to a certain value.

Brokers generally make as much as fifty per cent, or even more, by taking advantage of the extreme conditions. The farmers could not sell their products, set up factories, markets, thanks to a strong network of brokers. If the farmers are out in the market, it is needed to avoid some of the problems on the basis of the closed-loop communication of the commission of the intermediary broker, officials from the commission, recommendations, and Sunday teams. The commission of the agents to refuse the purchase, in order to enable the income from the farmers, on the grounds that it created a weak demand.

           The farmers may work hard for the sake of money and fulfill their wishes. When    thy sow seed then pay attention towards the crop work hard then they harvest the crops to get money. After that the farmer may earn money and fulfill their all wishes like food shelter and clothes etc. The poor farmers may work hard because they wsnt to earn money. Our poorest people apply the field of farming because they have no more options to achieve their goals and earn money to fulfill their wishes.Middlemen cannot be eliminated, but the supply chain can be shortened through forward integrated cooperatives among the small farmers for higher income and sustainabilityA middleman plays the role of an intermediary in a distribution or transaction chain who facilitates interaction between the involved parties.

The middleman, but do not preclude, however, the supply chain can be reduced through the use of an advanced co-operative integration among small-holder farmers in order to obtain a higher income, and life span-it is the intermediary who plays the role of an intermediary in the supply chain, or operations, which will facilitate collaboration between the parties involved. Intermediates, which are specialized to perform the major operations related to the purchase and sale of the products, and their flow to the producers, that is, the last buyer.In theory, in order to avoiding sounds like a good idea. This will help to reduce the cost for consumers who do not buy the goods cheaper, and can be, to sell their products more cheaply. …, When you receive the product, you can get various products at one place.According to him, the farmers and the middlemen, as is often the urgent need for seed and fertilizer, and also to the urgent needs of the family. The funds will also help you to find out, weigh, package and sell the product to the customer. This is the farmers to set up camp in the essence of Haryana and Punjab, and they claim that they have the support of the whole of the country, is an example of an intermediary that include wholesalers, retailers, agents, and brokers. Wholesalers and agents of the close of the manufacturer. Merchants, who purchase goods in bulk and sell them to retailers in large quantities. Dealers and brokers buy goods from wholesalers and selling them in small quantities to the final consumer.The intermediaries are the key players in the market. Both consumers and producers are able to make great use of an intermediary, providing an unimpeded flow of goods on the market, and the matching of supply and demand. The middleman to provide the producers with a view of the market and, thereby, to affect manufacturers ‘ decisions in the city.

The buyer, on the other hand, the use of the services as an intermediary in the marketing and delivery. Buyers will be able to get the right amount of goods, as the middlemen could sell them in small batches.Regardless of the important role played by the presence of intermediaries in the distribution, and a number of disadvantages as well. When a product is sold, as the intermediary, passing by, their prices are going up. The reason for the higher price to cover the cost of the goods, such as storage, insurance and transport costs.

The middleman seeks to make a profit, so you must be a premium to the profit of the sale. The consumer is then responsible for the presence of intermediaries in the channel.

An Intermediary Service Provider

As a product supplier, or the transaction chain, which facilitates the interaction of the parties

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That is, the Middleman?

An intermediary who plays the role of a product, the distributor, or the transaction chain, which facilitates the interaction between the parties involved. Intermediates, which are specialized to perform the major operations related to the purchase and sale of the products, and their flow to the producers, that is, the last buyer.

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