Sindh Environment Minister Ismail Rahoo on Sunday expressed concern over the reported rapid-fire reduction of agrarian lands, directed the officers concerned that setting up domestic societies on agrarian lands should be stopped. In a statement, he said that if the inventors of casing schemes on agrarian lands weren’t stopped, than food deficit and increase in environmental pollution would come ineluctable in a many times. 

He further said that eradication of agrarian lands and setting up of casing societies on them was dangerous for agrarian frugality and terrain. The dearths of important crops like wheat, Cotton & Rice may also do, he said. 

He said that due to water failure, heat surge and climate change in Sindh, the product of important crops was being negatively affected. He observed that utmost of domestic societies on Agrarian land were being made without completing the legal conditions. 

Ismail Rahoo, while instructing the officers, said that strict action should be taken against those who were immorally cultivating rich lands in civic and pastoral areas as domestic colonies, and to stop those who were creating societies. 

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