Instead of now importing the Hostein Friesian cow now we are doing home-breeding of these cows with international standards. As they are kept under the best available state-of-the-art facilities and are fed with the high quality feed, which helps in achieving good health conditions as well as high milk yield of the animals,” he said.

Animals are the farm fed, milked and inspected thrice a day and achieving the high-milk practices the bacteria found milk have been discarded to ensure the quality of the milk.

Interestingly, the company which started from scratch and achieved international standards with three years since its launch in 2011 that has come up with some innovative measures to contribute in Pakistan’s economy. “We own and operate 1 MW solar plant which provides clean energy to the farm on the model of net-metering and even supply the excessive energy in national grid in winters,” Hustam Jalal said.

Nishat Diary covering all the aspects to ensure quality milk even has introduced a complete system of extensive tests (moisture, toxin levels) to check quality of feed given to cows whereas milk produced is also tested to find out any variations.

“All our locally breed animals are well suited to the local environment and farming system which are regularly vaccinated and there is complete system to prevent entry of disease onto the farm. It would be interesting for consumers to know that we use an identification system that allows all animals to be identified individually from birth to death and that has made all the difference,” he said.

There is complete in house qualified vet staff and there’s a Stand-alone Care Unit the place all therapies fully traceable, he was of the view.

“During the milking process we ensure milking routines do not injure the animals or introduce contaminants into milk and identify individual animals that require special milking management. Our milk animals regularly use consistent milking techniques that ensured only pure milk obtained,” he stated.

The milking area ensured that milk is cooled or brought to consumers inside the specified time from a milk storage area.

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