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Nutritional Status of Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a very healthy vegetable and a vital food. Mushrooms are low in calories and also they are low in carbohydrates. But along this mushrooms are a good source of vitamins B, fiber protein, and even trace minerals. Mushrooms are also containing high levels of beta-glucans compounds that compounds keep immune cells and system alert and mushrooms are also an anti-inflammatory food.

 (Adeeba Ilyas*, Mujahid Ali**, Dr. Farzana Siddique*)

(*Food Science and Nutrition, UOS: **Horticulture, UOS)

It also contains a powerful antioxidant that helps in lowering body-wide inflammation called ergothioneine. In the Asian countries, it was a tradition to use mushrooms as medicine that goes thousand of the year-ago Mushroom are widely used nowadays in western hemisphere because mushrooms are vital, biologically active compounds with significant protective effects. According to research, many types of mushrooms contain a variety of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-viral abilities, it also contains a wide variety of bioactive compounds.

Mushrooms have many nutrition benefits including the ability to combat disease by providing important minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. It also has the ability to boost the immune system. Mushrooms also fight with free radical so they are called high anti-oxidant food. Its nutritional value also includes their ability to inhibit viruses and also to decrease the severity of illness, in those who are already sick. For example, some mushrooms increase production of B and T lymphocytes which are important immune cells that important immune cells that help to control our response to pathogens / harmful bacteria , toxin other harmful substances and viruses that can make us for the victim to the disease.

In china, 2000 mushrooms species are used in old and new traditional Chinese medicine practices and about 25 parent of those medicine practices are found to fight against harmful tumors effectively. Antioxidants are highly present in mushrooms like red and green peppers, tomato, pumpkins and tomatoes. These are chemicals which harms human’s body cells and lead to cancer. Selenium is an important mineral which helps in the detoxification of cancer causing agents. Selenium is also very important for the bladder.

Mushrooms contain at least 14,000 different plant species the term “Mushrooms” means macro fungus with the distinctive fruiting body which are large enough to be seen with the raked eye. Mushrooms are high in copper selenium, antioxidants and energizing vitamin B. But they are low in sugars, carbohydrates, calories, fat and sodium.

One cup of raw white bottom mushroom has about 2 grams crabs, 1 gram’s fiber, 0.4 milligrams vitamins B2 (riboflavin), 2 calories or 3 grams protein, less than 1 gram fat, 4 milligram vitamin B5 Panthothenic acid, 5 milligram vitamin B3 (niacin), 83 milligrams phosphorus 305 milligrams potassium 0.3 milligrams copper 9 milligrams selection.

Mushrooms fight against cancer, improve immunity lower inflammation, protect heart health, support energy and improve brain function, help with weight management provide vitamin D. By eating mushrooms beta glucans level increase and it increases the T-cell level which means they lower inflammation responses caused by stress environmental factors, poor diet. Mushrooms contain gonoderic acids  lower the blood pressure risk of blood clot cholesterol, triglyceride levels and even help to correct the heart arrhythmia. Reishis also contain lanostan, which is antihistamine that can act as a natural arthritis cure and shitake mushrooms contain chemical compounds e.g. lentinan, that chemical compounds protect the DNA from oxidative damage. Lentinan substance can heal chromosome damage caused anti cancer treatment shitake mushrooms podrida.

This compound which is used as a natural treatment for cancers used in Japan. Cordyceps mushrooms are known as anti-aging mushrooms. It has the ability to produce ATP in a body, because of this ability it helps to increase stamina because ATP is the primary fuel for our bodies. This mushroom is used to increase energy and to reduce stress, fatigue cordyceps are also act as protectors of mitochondria which is a power house of cell by prohibiting into cordial swelling and by increasing activities of antioxidant substances. Mushrooms can help as a natural cancer remedy by decreasing the growth and production of cancer cell division. The nutritional benefits of mushrooms are due to the presence of special polysaccharide compound called beta-1.6

Mushrooms are beneficial to improve bone health, increase iron absorption; present diabetes treat anemia lowers the cholesterol level. Mushrooms are not vegetables but basically, it is edible fungi having varies scientific names. Generally, mushrooms are saprophytes. So intake of mushrooms will lower the cholesterol level. Because of the presence of fiber and certain enzymes in them. Balancing of cholesterol between good cholesterol and bed cholesterol is essential to present many cardiovascular diseases e.g. heart attack stroke. In Amebic patients, areal of iron is lower than normal level. So the mushrooms are a good source of iron. Thus intake of mushroom can treat anemia. Because of deficiency of calcium condition like osteoporosis develop in adults. Mushrooms are an excellent source of calcium. It can reduce joint pain is provide a rich amount of calcium and phosphorus. Thus it treats osteoporosis as well mushrooms also contain naturally existing antibodies which are similar to lecithin. These antibiotics inhibit the fungal infection and microbial growth. Mushrooms are a good combination of vitamin A, B complex vitamin. These strengthen the immense system copper is present is mushrooms. It has a number of beneficial effects in the body. Copper can ultimate and regulate the absorption source of recession which strengthen nails hat and teeth.

Vitamin B is present abundantly mushrooms such as thiamine (B1) riboflavin (B2) vitamin B helps in the formation of red blood very important for health brain. Doctors advised pregnant women to take of folic acid or folate which is abundantly present in mushrooms. Mushrooms are also offer an alternative source of vitamin D.

It is the best way to lower cholesterol level naturally in the body by consumption of more and more mushrooms. They also maintain blood pressure and regulate circulation. Iron is abundantly present in mushrooms. Mushrooms also contain an appreciable amount of zinc. Mushrooms also contain copper in good quantity. Mushrooms help in fertility. It is must be included in the healthy diet.

Dr. Mujahid Ali
Dr. Mujahid Ali
I am working as Assistant Horticulturist (BS-18) at Water Management Research Farm Renala Khurd, before this served as Assistant Professor (IPFP) in Horticulture at the University of Sargodha. I have completed my Ph.D. in 2018 from the Institute of Horticultural Sciences, UAF previously worked as Visiting Lecturer in Horticulture UOS, worked as Research Fellow in ACIAR project on vegetables, and worked as Teaching Assistant in Horticulture UAF. Moreover, Ph.D. IRSIP did in the NC State University, United States.

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