Rice is one of the import crops next to wheat and cotton. Wheat is on the top rank in the cultivated crop of Pakistan because of staple food in the county while cotton stands on next due to support textile industry of the county that share a major part in Pakistan export. Rice is rank second in term of food crops and also share a major part of export especially basmati rice of Pakistan is famous all around the globe due its aroma and cooking quality.

 Pakistan mainly export rice to Europe, USA, Middle East and African countries, earn a valuable foreign exchange from export of basmati and other varieties of rice. The rice cultivated in Pakistan is mainly produced by using conventional cultivation method that term as green resolution by using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, only 5% or less/more production is produced by using organic method of rice cultivation without using of synthetic fertilizer and dangerous pesticide. When we are talking about organic cultivation of rice, a list question comes:

  1. Where in Pakistan, the organic rice produce?
  2. How it’s possible to cultivate a crop without using of fertilizers i.e. Urea, DAP, SOP etc
  3. How pest can control without using of pesticide?
  4. What will be the yield of crop without using of fertilizer and pesticide?
  5. What benefits will receive in term of sale price?
  6. Who will purchase organic produced?
  7. Finally, why I shift from conventional to organic farming?

We are going to start a series of article under the domain of “Organic Rice Cultivation in Pakistan” and guide farmers from starting to sale of organic produce. We will cover following topics:

  1. Current Status of Organic Farming
  2. Why common farmer not know about organic farming?
  3. The main player of organic rice sector in Pakistan
  4. Organic rice certified produces and exporters in Pakistan
  5. Organic rice production technology
    1. Seeds selection for organic farming
    1. Land selection for organic farming
    1. Land preparation for organic rice cultivation
    1. Nursery raising for organic rice cultivation
    1. Transplantation of rice nursery in field
    1. Irrigation management during organic rice cultivation
    1. Soil fertility management in organic production of rice (Multiple topics will cover)
    1. Pest management in organic rice farming (Multiple topics will cover)
    1. Diseases management in organic farming (Multiple topics will cover)
    1. Harvesting and processing of organic paddy
  6. Certification procedure of organic farming (Multiple topics will cover)
  7. Organic certification agency in Pakistan
  8. Requirement of organic certification
  9. What’s the value of organic paddy
  10. Who will buy organic paddy?

We will cover all topic mention above and try to a new resource for farmers, researchers and exporters to start working on organic cultivation of rice. We are going to start a movement of organic cultivation in country and will ready to meet our competitors in international market. So, be connected and visit our portal for upcoming informative article. Share this article with friends and family to start a chain of change in our agriculture. Our slogan is “to bring organic revolution in Pakistan”.


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