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Outlaws openly obtaining extortion from fishermen, exporters

September 03, 2013

The notorious outlawed clan has largely held the fish harbour businesses hostage while exporters have warned the government of the growing influence of the clan operatives, which may pull down the stagnant seafood export. Talking to Business Recorder on Monday, the exporters have backed the demand of the ANP and MQM for the deployment of army in the city’s deeply volatile areas especially the economic and business centres to maintain peace. Outlaws openly obtaining extortion from fishermen, exporters
During a visit to the fish harbour, a number of stakeholders were found in a grip of fear, accusing, “The outlaws are now officially working to collect extortion from boat owners, exporters and fishermen”. They said that the government should undertake a plan to curb chaos and bloodshed so that law and order could be maintained in the city. “We pin hopes on the new federal government for a stable and peaceful Karachi,” they said.
An exporter on the condition of anonymity told Business Recorder, “Fishermen Co-operative Society (FCS) has not a single government official on its board of directors, which creates further hardships in protecting the harbour from chaos.” “The outlaws are the part of a legal administration at the harbour, using their mandate to pile up money from the stakeholders,” he said, adding that the FCS board should have government officials to provide confidence to fisheries stakeholders for addressing their concerns.
The country’s seafood export stood rather stagnant, he said, adding that there was a fear that the fisheries sector might face reduction in its global trade because of the growing influence of outlaws at the harbour. “There is a hope that the federal government will help the city restore peace unlike the provincial government which fosters the outlaws with political support,” he alleged.
The seafood exporters said the federal government should deploy armed forces in the city to undertake “an effective and stern” crackdown on the outlaws indiscriminately to establish durable peace. The city has been going through the worst kind of violence for the last many years, causing huge losses to businesses and trade, he said. Traders have also demanded of the government to establish its writ through a quick and effective action against the criminals to bring back peace to the city. They, however, asked the government to launch a military operation in the metropolis.


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