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Philippines: SEARCA helps boost calamansi exports

The Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA) is now helping Philippines’ growers to explore ways on how to potentially boost the country’s calamansi exports (the calamansi is a lemon variety). A value chain study is now being carried out to beef up the country’s calamansi output and export to countries like Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. SEARCA, in particular, is supporting Bureau of Agricultural Research’s (BAR) piloting of the project in Oriental Mindoro.

“There are gaps and constraints in the calamansi industry that limit its potential to increase income and generate the much-needed employment for the calamansi-growing communities in Oriental Mindoro,” SEARCA said. “The project will strengthen capacities of calamansi stakeholders on the improved production and postharvest handling practices, calamansi processing, and entrepreneurship,” it added.

For fresh calamansi, a value chain advantage may be found in turning it into value added processed goods like bottled juice and puree. The calamansi is indigenous to the Philippines. According to an article on, the largest production areas are found around Victoria, Oriental Mindoro.

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