Plants, also called green plants are multicellular , autotrophic eukaryotes of the kingdom plantae.

Major plant pathogen





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When pathogen attack on plants the genes of pathogen are activated (produce all their weapons of attack e:g enzymes, toxin etc).

Hafiz Muhammad Rizwan Mazhar

                  Department of Plant Pathology, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad-Pakistan


Plant show Resistance in Different Ways




Polygenic Resistance

                                        Many genes include in such type of resistance

Some plant genes code for the chemical substances

Toxic to pathogen or neutralize the toxin of pathogen

Some structural genes also preasant which slow down the entry of pathogen

Plant show resistance partiallt or incompletely

Different genes are involved

Plant pathogen attack

Monogenic, r- gene Resistance

                                                      Have one resistance genes per pathogen capable of attacking it.

Pathogen____ host

A-virulence genes in pathogen

Trigger the R-genes in the host

Host will plant  show the resistance

Induced Resistance

                                          Induced resistance is adefense system within plant which allow them to resist attack from pests such as fungal or bacterial pathogen. The defense system react to the external attack with physiological changes triggered by the generation of proteins and chemicals that lead to activation of plants immune system

Two main types of induced resistane exist

SAR                            ISR

SAR (systemic acquired resistance): occur when a localized wound is created on the plant causing necrosis

ISR(induce systemic resistance): occur when plant roots are colonized by plant growth promoting  rhizobacteria

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