Agricultural regions don’t at all times have powerful electrical infrastructure, speedy internet and other key products and services needed for manufacturers and massive companies to stay competitive. So running at the grid edge has turn out to be “an increasingly risky proposition,” particularly for agricultural and meals processing companies in California, according to a brand new document from Concentric Power.
s aforementioned, the standard and balance of the power is steadily poor in agricultural regions. And to compound this factor, that very same power is incessantly unpredictable, even though charges continue to upward thrust.

No incident lately has introduced this issue into extra center of attention than the new Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) occasions from PG&E, which the application stated are implemented when “gusty wind and dry conditions, combined with a heightened fire risk, are forecasted.”

“For California’s ag industry, especially at the grid edge, the feasibility of maintaining the status quo is lessening by the day.” — Concentric Power

And as the chance of wildfires continues to spike, those PSPS occasions are turning into “a new normal” for California citizens and businesses, the Concentric white paper points out.

“For many decades, the utility industry has operated largely under the legacy structure of centralized power generation that is delivered using the existing transmission and distribution system,” Concentric Power says.

But the tides are turning. Tech innovation, decrease prices and new market-based business models have many large food processing and farming-centered companies making an allowance for the option of agriculture microgrids.

Recent developments in energy techn0logy, microgrid controllers and extra make microgrids a good looking option to reinforce power resiliency across sectors, while California lawmakers are moving policies and regulations to permit new power business fashions to realize traction.

Combined, these developments have bolstered the outlook of microgrids in the state.

The full file covers the following topics intimately:

Defining the problem: Operating on the grid edge
The final straw: PG&E’s Public Safety Power Shutoffs
Microgrids as an answer
Public coverage is moving

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