There are a lot of difficulties that are solved by Procision Agriculture in regarding to the Agriculture like leveling , water , salt , minirols , pH , acidicity che checking  and  sending. …..

There are many technique that are very helpful in our daily life and modernize our life standard and change the time and life.

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I will discuss many machine regarding crop management and production of crops and livestock 


Global positioning system is the Globally navigation system that helps us for measuring area and to get location of any place thing , man , machines or any area of the world …

VRT   favour s farmers to allow to apply different types of the fertilizer at each and every fields 

How VRT runs ? It runs by GPS  , in cab computer and maps etc 


Section and row control Technique

 It is automatically controls technology used on sprayers and fertilizer ,turns planter or air section of seeder 



LIDRAR is stand as light and ranging technology 

This is optical remote sensoring the all lights enter in its sensor . LiDAR is always  used in airplanes to culculate features on Earth’s surface 


to manage geospatial field data, like soil information

 field boundaries

, application maps

 yield data 


 remotely sensed data.


Sensors calculate  the physical parameters  then give collected information to the controllerr, which further give this information to the cloud or a portable device.


REMOTE SENSING  make the agriculture more easy and more precise . we can grow crops by the way of the precision agriculture .

WNS  is the network of the wirless devices that make sure the remote  works by many devices

To maintain  the physical parameters of environment.  WNS IS USED FOREMOST

. Smart Irrigation Systems  An  artificial irrigation application system that maintain the quantity and quality of wat

er. Water sacracity is faced by many countries now a days because of the natural problem but don’t worry to get rid of this problem there is smart irrigation system that helpsin this sense

Raspberry Pi is  the most important system with senser used to level water in soil

Smart Fertilization System Fertilizer is an  natural or artificial  Organic or inorganic substance that contain  chemical element serve as to enlarges the growth and productivity of crop. Manualy spray are the most   common technology serve as for nourishing and fertilization. And  IoT.Sensors 2019, 19, 3796 13 of 25  are the most common system that is used for proper system of the fertilizization in fixed amount

The agriculture sector has a lot of  requirements conditions comprised of nat,ure soil statistics, crops’ nature, weather, fertilizer types and water requirements. Most common used sensors for the moisture , temperature are as follows

; Hydra probe II soil sensor Soil Temperature, Salinity level, Soil Moisture, Conductivity

Thermistor) 7 237 leaf wetness sensor Plant Moisture, Plant Wetness, Plant Temperature 8 SenseH2TM hydrogen sensor Hydrogen,

CO2, Plant Temperature 9

3 MP406 Soil moisture sensor Soil Temperature, Soil Moisture 

4 EC sensor (EC250) Soil Temperature, Salinity level, Soil Moistu

Plant Wetness, 

Field scout CM1000TM Photosynthesis 

10 YSI 6025 chlorophyll sensor Photosynthesis

11 LW100, leaf wetness sensor Plant Moisture, Plant Wetness, Plant Temperature 12

TT4 multi-sensor thermocouple Plant Moisture, Plant Temperatur



There a lot of role of cummuniication technologies in our agriculture life and agricture products  like cell phone , speaker  mike , telephone , messege devices , 6LoWPAN, . ZigBee . BLE , Wi-Fi . RFID  etca 


Cell  is the most commoo way of cominication it is  very important way of communication for farmers and others and also a big sourse of information and featured as the a bih sourse of the yechnologi uses and there will br no life without cell phone and there will be a big  wireless technologi that will  help for giving information to the other like soil temperature , soil health and their  help 

Loud speaker

The loud speaker that help on transforming messeges to the people that are far so far that   ca n not listen to uour  voice 

It is use as for helping the people in making a good communication from a long and large are

For stoping the irrigation water from a water souce  that is so far that yoou not in touch , you use the inly thing tht is loude apeaker

Whats app video call

Video call is the most best way of cumminication and tbere will be  good checking of the crop ptodictuioon and crip health

Now a days it is the most imporyaynt and the most common eay of communication between the doctor and farmer

Weed killer laser

Robotic  soil sampling

 The sampling is main key to success and robots are very beneficial for the fast and best sampling .

This technology is used to collect best  , accurate and repeative sampling very fastly and in best way this is also called as  SMART CORE


 Drone is the flying machines tht are used as  for picturing , irrigation , determination , analu=ysis , and collection og the geographical information and helps in maintain farm and helping in very fast  collection  of information

Today ther are camera of high  magnification thatb are helpful for the  analysyis and determijnation of crops an d for maintaining and for that information of that area that are very far from us 


Irrigation drone that are very important for the irrigation of that crop that are at hight ir at the mountain or the hills

Vertical farming

The  practices of the crooping of te most recommendable and demandable crops  on the mulripkle layers of iron  up on each othere vertically


Now a days the helpfull  verical farming is very imporatant for meeting the food demand and to compete with the population growth


 The precision agriculture is  most beneficial in every field of the  agriculture and boast up the best and high ctop yield , vegetation , and fruits

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