Pakistan is an agricultural  country having share of almost 19% in countries GDP like other countries which are developed and developing. Pakistan is also a developing country dependent on agriculture It provides economic support to the labor force it is 43% labor force which directly or indirectly on connected to agriculture sector it described the significance of agriculture in Pakistan but paraded to this the technology being used for its shading growing protecting and harvesting is traditional there take much longer time and require much more energy there is always less use of machinery and improvement techniques

Muhammad Tayyab Mateen and Dr. Muhammad Yaseen

Department of Agricultural Extension, College of Agriculture

University of Sargodha, Pakistan

Therefore having fertile land do not help them much the yield also is not up to the mark and living standards of the people related to agriculture too. To enlighten the importance and benefits of using water and other technology agriculture extension stuff is working with the motive to raise up the social economic infrastructure and improve the living standards of people connected to the field extension Virgos introduced the new machinery new technology and techniques to improve the shield less than the loss of insects and weeds and maintain the fertility of the soil.

During initial stages of Pakistan from 1947-1962 agriculture extension was carried out by agriculture college labor which was not yet upgraded to the University the teaching staff of the college but responsible for extension activities later on college was upgraded to the West Pakistan agriculture University and a special being was formed for extension work under administration of permission government and secretary agriculture with the pressure of time renovation continually in extension department extension workers research on the specific topic and level and also in the field the analyzed experiment and conclude then they share their results and experiments to the farmer and introduce them to the new ideas during this whole process many problems are phased by extension workers which is the main reason they cannot deliver the message to the farm in community more efficiently and effectively exchanging field staff experiences major problems during the whole extension process one of them is not availability of proper funds. First of all funds are not provided If funds are provided they are given in very insufficient amount The department become an able to buy essential instruments and equipments found for transportation also are not given to the officers so that is main reason extension vocals seldom visits field they do not take interest and do not pay her to their work and former do not find a answer of their problems there is less availability of offices for extension field staff only one to two offices are found around the city The people from villages have to travel to city to find the solution of the problems so this is one of the major problem of agriculture extension workers If you’re do not have place how can you deliver your message or made people to saw the issues.

It is also observed that the bond between extension food staff and farmers is not much stronger extension workers have different ideas and farmers have different So it is difficult to convince them on a point due to the government job and rank agriculture or features also do not like to visit fields and to meet people the preference to live in air condition rooms this week bond lead towards the low every production of crops fruits and vegetables the quality of Rob is also not up to the mark which is built in this financial return to the farmer.Lesser use of information and communication technologies by extension workers the record is stored in hard form there is no channel in mainstream media which help extension department to spread awareness and farmers can get education and solutions through their problems online platforms should be provided so everyone can get benefits 1 or 2 programs should be aired on national television The farming community is poor and have small range of land they cannot afford heavy machinery and new technologies these people barely managed to buy fertilizers and pesticides so this is the reason farmers only want to fill their bellies and do not enjoy their activities there is held on visit by extensions top enough field they does not perform their duties properly they enjoy the event as a fun the instructors at low level are not well educated and there is not such a strong bond of communication among educational research and extension at institutional level.

Pakistan can be one of the top ranked country in agriculture if problems are uproated proper funding should be done and staff should perform their duties and at range meetings add institutional level and with farmers there should be strong connection among research education and extension departments So the result can be shared with farming community to make sure that transparency and industry government should make a channel and start a scheme to spread awareness to farmers by media community source utilization so that they act upon instruction and make Pakistan a prosperous country


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