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Organic Compost 3Kg


Key Features

  • Nutrient Rich Organic Compost
  • Enriched with high ratio of organic matter & all other nutrients – upto 4 times more output than normal soil.
  • Free from all kinds of weed seeds
  • 100% ennvironmentally friendly and free from any hazardous chemicals


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Organic Compost offers many benefits over other products available for use in the cultivation of various types of plants. We call this product a 2 in 1 because it provides benefits to plants by improving soil in two distinct ways.

As a Soil Builder, it provides nutrients, organic matter and minerals which are essential for healthy soil. Soil is largely made up of sand, silt and clay. Too much sand results in rapid drainage. Too much clay results in poor drainage. Organic Compost builds balanced soil by preventing compaction in clay soils and increasing water holding capacity in sandy soils. In most cases soil enriched with Organic Compost will require significantly lower amounts of water.

Organic Compost provides extra benefit in hot weather. Used as a top dressing for potted plants and flower beds, it provides a cooling effect for delicate root systems. Simply apply a 1-inch layer and water normally to provide hot weather protection.

As a Soil Conditioner it increases plant growth while reducing the need for fertilizing and watering. The key to healthy plants is healthy soil. Plants are able to use available nutrients and minerals efficiently when beneficial micro-organisms Flourish in the healthy conditions created by the addition of organic Compost. In these environments diseases and pests that normally thrive in poor soil are suppressed.

Using Organic Compost is simple and safe. It doesn’t smell bad and cannot harm you or your children. In most cases you can apply Organic Compost as you would ordinary manure. Detailed instructions are printed on each bag and available in Urdu upon request.

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