Unemployed other folks and landless farmers can generate a good quantity of source of revenue through emerging rabbits with small funding. Rabbit meat comprises prime level protein, calcium, and vitamins greater than other animal species.

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This was once noticed by Hira Komal and Dr Sehar Aamir veteran mavens of the University of the Agriculture, Faisalabad in a learn about carried out on rabbit farming, often referred to as cuniculture. Giving main points of the learn about Komal informed The Express Tribune that rabbits need small position to live and can survive even on much less meals. She said rabbits had been very extra docile than poultry and birds.

“There is a misconception about the meat utility of rabbits in our society as it has extra ordinary potential of calcium and phosphorus contents of its meat are more than any other meat. Besides, cholesterol fat and sodium of rabbits are less than other meats,” she said.
Dr Sehar Aamir identified that Pakistan was the 6th maximum populous country on the earth.

“The more the population of a country is, the more it needs sources of food and shelter,” she mentioned.

Dr Sehar Aamir

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“To meet the demand for food, we cannot rely on just beef and mutton. Rabbits are known as ‘micro-livestock’ and a great source of food. There is a great opportunity for rabbit farming in our country. But most of the people just keep them as pets,” she added.

Dr Sehar Aamir

“Rabbits can be grown in a small place but it should not be too congested. With a small investment, we can make house for rabbit in our house yard or on a building roof and start rearing rabbit. We can make house for rearing rabbit in two methods,” she stated whilst give an explanation for the methods.

“To keep rabbits commercially cage method is the best. In this method, rabbits are kept in iron cages. A rabbit should be given enough space in the cage along with food armaments. Male and female rabbits should be kept separate from each other. They should keep in same rood when they need mating to produce baby rabbits,” she added.

She stated green leafy greens including, spinach, carrots, cucumber, green grass and vegetable waste can easily be used as meals for rabbits. For business rearing, even poultry food can be utilized to feed rabbits.

She said with a good control, one can achieve genetic doable of rabbits for weight and size which, after all, vary in step with breed and intercourse. Some rabbits may grow up to size of a large cat. The average weight is 3-4 kilogrmmes.

According to the study, with rabbit farming, Pakistan can meet the ever-growing food demand and building up the income of farmers with little funding. It will even make a vital share in meat production and could have a favorable impact at the financial system of Pakistan.

Advantages of rabbit farming

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  1. The meat of rabbit is very tasty, simply ate up and all other folks belonging to all religions can eat it.
  2. They grow very speedy and the female rabbit (doe) produce 2-eight small children each time. So, they are fast breeder.
  3. They eat very low high quality meals and make top of the range of meat.
  4. Raising rabbit could be a nice source of revenue source to the unemployed other folks and landless farmers.
  5. The ratio of meat to bone is top that means there’s extra safe to eat meat at the carcass than even a rooster.
  6. Rabbits can produce six pounds of meat at the similar feed and water as the cow will produce one pound of meat at the same feed and water.

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