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Rabbit Farming for Meat

To fulfill the meals demand for growing population, we have to to find out other ways of meals manufacturing. The rabbit known as “Micro-Livestock” generally is a great supply of food manufacturing. There is a great opportunity of rabbit farming in our country. Rabbit needs small position and no more food for survival. Rabbit meat contains high ratio of protein, power, calcium and vitamin than other species of animal.

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The cholesterol fat and sodium is less than other meat. The meat of rabbit may be very testy, easily ate up and all non secular people can consume it. They grows very fast and the female rabbit produce 2-8 baby every time.

Rabbit Farming for Meat

They eat very low quality food and make prime quality of meat. Raising rabbit is usually a great source of revenue supply to the unemployed people and landless farmers. So, we need to elevate rabbit to meet the call for of protein in addition to to scale back poverty from our society.

We generally elevate rabbit as puppy. But if we raise them commercially then it will be a perfect source of source of revenue and a wonderful means of employment. The annual demand of meat in our country is about six million lots. But most effective a million lots of meat produced in our country, remainder of the meat we import from foreign nation.

According to the call for simplest 15-20 % of animal protein comes from the cattle which could be very less compared to the requirement. Further, this demand is increasing with population expansion.

An grownup person needs 120 grams of meat day-to-day. But we get best 20 grams on a mean. So, we will consider rabbit farming as a possible direction of animal protein. It is so easy to take care of rabbit farm than other animals. Every particular person of the circle of relatives can handle it.

Species of Rabbit:
There are many species of rabbit are available in our country. Among those Dark Gray (inner), Fox, Dutch, New Zealand White, New Zealand Black, New Zealand Red, Belgium White and Chinchilla are maximum favourite.

Rabbit Meat Quality
In many analysis it has discovered that, young rabbit meat is very top quality than the grownup rabbit meat. And the meat quality of male rabbit is high than female rabbit meat.

In many analysis it has discovered that, young rabbit meat is very top quality than the grownup rabbit meat. And the meat quality of male rabbit is high than female rabbit meat.

The quantity of ldl cholesterol and lipids increases and decreases protein with the increase of the rabbit age. On the opposite hand, female rabbit meat contains more lipid, fats and cholesterol.

Benefit of Rabbit Farming:
There are many benefits of farming rabbit. The primary advantages of raising rabbit in step with our country economic and ecological condition are described bellow.

.The rabbit is a very fast breeding animal.
.Their food changing fee is best than different animals.
.One female rabbit can provide delivery 2-eight child rabbit at a time.
.Rabbit will also be raised in a short place.
.More manufacturing can also be made in little cost.
.Rabbit meat may be very nutritious.
.In meat production it has a place after poultry.
.Wast subject matter of the kitchen, grass, plant leaves and so forth. are favourite food of rabbit. So, we will be able to elevate them using this commodities.
.Family exertions can be successfully carried out to rabbit farming.

Method of Raising Rabbit:
With a small investment we will be able to make area for rabbit in our house backyard or in development roof and get started rearing rabbit. We could make house for rearing rabbit in two methods.

Deep Litter Method:
This means is acceptable for less quantity of rabbit. The flooring will have to neatly made concrete. 4-5 inches intensity litter must make with husk, rice straw or wooden lath. In this technique at most 30 rabbit can be raised. The male rabbit will have to keep in a separate room from the female. In this method the possibilities of being suffering from sicknesses is prime. Moreover, it is vitally tricky to control the rabbit in this system.

Cage Method:
To stay rabbit commercially this technique is the most efficient. In the program the rabbit are saved in a cage made with iron plate. This cage could be very useful for raising more rabbit. In each and every cage it need to have the facilities of vital space. Male and female rabbit should stay break free every different. They should stay in identical rood when thy want mating to supply child rabbit.

Food Management
Food eating rate and nutrient requirements varies in step with the rabbit age and species. For right kind nutrition of an adult rabbit its food must contain 17-18 % crude protein, 14 p.c fiber, 7 % minerals and 2700 kilo calorie/kg of metabolic power.

Green leafy greens, seasonal vegetable, spinach greens, carrots, Muller, cucumber, inexperienced grass and vegetable wast can easily used as the food of rabbit. For business goal poultry food can also be served to feed the rabbit. Accordance with right kind food management they will have to provide sufficient water in line with their call for. Thus a farmer can be good fortune in rabbit farming. Team Team is a comprehensive online platform dedicated to providing valuable agricultural information and resources in Pakistan. With a focus on promoting sustainable farming practices, enhancing agricultural productivity, and empowering farmers, serves as a one-stop hub for all things related to agriculture in Pakistan. Through its user-friendly interface and a vast array of content, the platform aims to connect farmers, researchers, policymakers, and other stakeholders, facilitating knowledge exchange and driving the transformation of the agricultural sector in Pakistan.

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