Rabi crops or Rabi harvest are agricultural crops sown in winter and harvested in the spring in South Asia. The term is derived from the Arabic word for “spring”, which is used in the Indian subcontinent, where it is the spring harvest (also known as the “winter crop“).

Rabi Crops

Wheat Wheat
Tomato Tomato
Tobacco Tobacco
Rapeseed & Mustard Rapeseed & Mustard
Potato Potato
Onion Onion
 Linseed (Alsee)  Linseed (Alsee)
Gram Gram
Garlic Garlic
Coriander Coriander
Barley Barley
Rabi Vegetables
Cauliflower Cauliflower
Radish Radish
Spinach Spinach
Sweet Potato Sweet Potato
Tomato Tomato
Turnip Turnip
Mattar (Green) Mattar (Green)
Beans Beans
Beets (Chakandar) Beets (Chakandar)
Fenugreek (Methi) Fenugreek (Methi)
Lettuce (Salad) Lettuce
Khol Khal (Band Ghoobi) Khol Khal
Carrot Carrot
Cabbage Cabbage
Lady Finger Lady Finger
Brinjal Brinjal
Rabi Fruits
Banana Banana
Ber Ber
Guava Guava
Laquat Laquat
Grapes Grapes
Dates Dates
Almond Almond
Mulbery Mulbery
Grape Fruit Grape Fruit
Kinnu Kinnu
Lemon Lemon
Mandrine Mandrine
Orange Orange
Musumbi Musumbi
Sour Lime Sour Lime
Sour Orange Sour Orange
Sweet Lime Sweet Lime
Other Citrus  Citrus
Rabi Pulses
Masoor Masoor
Mattar (Pulse)

Mattar (Pulse)
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Other Rabi Pulses  Rabi Pulses


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