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Reducing post-harvest vegetable losses

VEGETABLES, regardless that, handiest 2d to staple when placed on nationwide meals security checklist, are going through enormous problems which are causing fall in production, and their post-harvest losses, already alarmingly top, are increasing.

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Value addition trade, which is helping keep an eye on those losses and earns additional money for the sector, is sort of non-existent. Hybrid era is yet to be introduced in the vegetables seed sector.

There has been no step forward even in conventional seed era or managments pactices, which could lend a hand the sector develop. These are one of the primary issues, otherwise the record can still pass on further.

All this is going on regardless of increasing population and multiplying nationwide demand for greens yearly. The rising hole between call for and provide keeps emerging.

The emerging price development is additional fueled through receding writ of the federal government, where each and every vendor is authorized to fix his/her personal costs and fleece the deficient.

National statistics of greens production tells the tale how the secor is being allowed to sink in the mire. During the Kharif 2005-06, vegetable production stood at 1.2 milion heaps. It dropped to underneath 1,000,000 tons in next 4 years (2009-10).

Similarly, Rabi (2005-06) manufacturing of vegetable crops, which used to be 2.2 million tons, came down to 2 million lots remaining yr (2009-10). (These figures exclude potato and onion manufacturing). During these four years, population grew and the call for for vegetable increased.

How the officialdom deals with the sector is obvious from the initiative Punjab took ultimate December, when vegetable costs shot throughout the roof within the province — proud producer of 65 in keeping with cent vegetables within the nation.
The Punjab chief minister announced a provincial plan to double vegetable production and produce prices down to part within the subsequent three-four months through sowing them on all available land beneath the provincial govt and reinforce provide facet control.

A media campaign followed, and an preliminary allocation of Rs2.7 million used to be made. The time for the undertaking is already up, but not a unmarried penny has been relased so far. No one in authentic circles even mentions the plan, which received so much attention 4 months in the past.

The nation wishes to extend production through developing new seeds and applied sciences. The maximum very important step is to make stronger seeds pool of more or less 30 vegetables that are produced in Rabi and Kharif seasons. Most countries on the earth including India, did it long ago, and were reaping the benefit. They no longer simplest progressed their conventional seed inventory, but in addition went into hybrid, which simply multiplied their manufacturing.

Pakistan, alternatively, remains to be to inspire such a initiative — each on conventional seeds and hybrid. That is why no local corporate has dared into vegetable hybrid seed but. All the so-called greens hybrid seeds, that are nonetheless scant in use, are coming from the Far East and no one is aware of about the parentage and gene strenght of those seeds. The country is risking so-called hybrid seeds despite struggling badly on cotton, because untested hybrid seed import for years. It now appears to be repeating the mistake on other fronts.

In addition to multiplying yield through hybrid seeds, they also advanced, what is referred to as, ‘stay green’ think about seeds. This issue delays over-maturing process, and vegetable stays inexperienced and usable on the plant for longer period. It gives farmer time to stagger harvesting and sale of the crop. In our nation, with the use of conventional seed, the crop, as soon as matured, very quickly over-matures and rots, generating force on farmers to reap and sell it right away.

It robs the farmer of any manoeuvrebility in time for harvesting and sale. The stay inexperienced seeds are common on this planet now, and there is not any explanation why we should now not benefit from this leap forward.

In the country, essential research has stalled on almost all vegetable seeds, leave on my own trying to bring in new factors like keep inexperienced. That is where the government must work.

The executive can lend a hand the field and farmers a great deal via controlling post-harvest losses, which might be ranging between 35 -40 consistent with cent. If the government can construct cool chain infrastructure, it can deliver losses down to five to 10 consistent with cent, improving national provides by a substantial 30 to 35 per cent. That convey the costs down for city dwellers, alleviate poverty in rural spaces and spice up vegetable exports.

Luckily, maximum plants are produced right here in geographical clusters. Over 80 per cent potato is produced in one district in Punjab; whole citrus crop is concentrated in Sargodha department, and whole mango is produced in southern Punjab. It makes it more straightforward to broaden infrastructure to keep an eye on post-harvest losses and save the average man from emerging prices, which are now spinning beyond their monetary succeed in. Team Team is a comprehensive online platform dedicated to providing valuable agricultural information and resources in Pakistan. With a focus on promoting sustainable farming practices, enhancing agricultural productivity, and empowering farmers, serves as a one-stop hub for all things related to agriculture in Pakistan. Through its user-friendly interface and a vast array of content, the platform aims to connect farmers, researchers, policymakers, and other stakeholders, facilitating knowledge exchange and driving the transformation of the agricultural sector in Pakistan.

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