Spider are predators of many pest in rice field:

Atypena formosana (Oi.) – The smallest of all rice field spiders. Has a strong preference for young instar nymphs of hoppers. It can kill at least fifty second instar nymphs of green leafhoppers per day. Atypena belongs to the family Linyphiidae commonly known as dwarf spiders.
Oxyopes javanus (Thorell) – common name lynx spider, is a member of the family Oxyopidae. It is an excellent hunter of immature and adult rice insect pests because of its hexagonal eye pattern. An adult consumes two to three leaf folder moths per day.
Tetragnatha virescens (Okuma) and Tetragnatha javana (Thorell) – Six Tetragnatha species are common in rice fields. All are web builders belonging to the family Tetragnathidae. Of these, T. virescens Okuma and T. javana (Thorell) are the most common during the early vegetative growth stage of the rice plant.
Argiope catenulata (Doleschall) is a large, beautiful, web-spinning spider. Its large, sticky web is effective in catching flying pests, such as the short-horned grasshopper and other flies.

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