Ridge gourd seeds in Pakistan

Ridge gourd seeds

₨150.00 ₨120.00

  • Premium Quality Seeds Varieties Suitable for Home/Kitchen gardener for home gardening, soil gardening, tarce gardening and container/pot gardening
  • Diseases and Pest Resistance
  • Treated with chemicals in order to achieved maximum seeds germination to control soil born pest and diseases
  • Germination rate and seeds quality tested
  • Suitable for Kitchen gardener that growing herbs, flowers and vegetables in small space or container
  • Kitchen gardener packet specially design for kitchen gardening lovers, the packet contains germination tested (90-97%) premium quality seeds


Gardening shop Karachi is a project of Agriculture Information Bank Pakistan on daraz.pk that provide premium quality seeds of seasonal flower, herbs and vegetables. We also provide nutrient-rich organic compost and only liquid fish provider of Pakistan. We always check seeds quality before packing but seed germination required special care for germination. We recommended please read guideline about seeds germination on our website first and after reading start germination.

Quality tested seeds. Read seeds germination requirements before start seeds germination every seeds required specific temperature and environmental conditions for seeds germination if proper seeds germination conditions not provided as a result seeds will not germinate.

We are providing premium quality winter flower seeds for home gardeners and gardening lovers. For maximum germination results use organic compost as seed sowing medium


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