We should not spray the field if the speed of air is 15 kilometres per hours, or branches of tress are moving due to air.

One should not use chemicals frequently in the fields, and before pesticide application we should do pest scouting regarding weeds, diseases, and harmful insect pest, so that beneficial insect may conserve. Farmers should spray their field by using following guidelines.

 Use of Chemicals:

  • We should use only effective and registered chemical against harmful insect pest. Chemical should only be used if weeds, insect pest and other diseases are not controlled through non-chemical means. Take in consideration regarding effectiveness, handling, and use of chemical before application.

Proper Time for Spray:

  • We should not spray the fields before 9 AM and after 4 PM.
  • If wind is blowing, then don’t spray.
  • Spray the field only when insects have crossed Economic Threshold Level (ETL).
  • Use of chemical for operation:
  • Spray machine must be in good condition.
  • Proper monitoring of machine should be done regarding leakage, nozzle etc.
  • Spray should be distributed over field equally.
  • Use that quantity of chemical as mentioned on label.
  • Firstly, fill the half of tank with water, then add chemical in it, then fill rest of tank with water.
  • The height of boom should be 1-1.5 feet above the field.
  • Different nozzles are used for different crops.
  • Must have precautionary or safety attire like mask, gloves, glasses, and rubber shoes.
  • After spray, wash well the machine with water and previous nozzle must be replaced by a new one.


  • Don’t spray in wind or during harsh weather means either harsh summers or cold.
  • Spray the field equally.
  • Wash your eyes immediately with cold weather if chemical or their fumes affect them.
  • Consult the Doctor If the problem is not solved.
  • After the recovery, patient should keep away from chemicals.
  • Make a dig in soil and put the empty bottles or cartons of chemicals.
  • Do not use improper and out of order machine.
  • Keep away children, animals, women, and old men from filed during spray.

[ads-quote-center cite=’Authors’]Dr. Faisal Hafeez, Dr. Hafiz Azhar Ali Khan, Aisha Iftikhar, Muhammad Sohaib. Ayub Agriculture Research institute, (AARI) Faisalabad. Institute of Agriculture Sciences, (IAGS) University of The Punjab, Lahore. [/ads-quote-center]


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