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Seed sales now enhanced with iPads

Justin Davey

The technology behind seed sales has evolved, with some sales reps now equipped with top-of-the-line gadgets and software. Sage North America announced that AgReliant Genetics, LLC, a Midwestern field seed company, has used a customized version of Sage SalesLogix on iPad tablets. The program has seen 95% adoption among its 300 sales employees, a trend that you could continue to see as you meet with farm business associates.

“Sage SalesLogix helps our reps reduce ‘windshield’ time and prioritize visits with customers most likely to buy,” said Steve Thompson, AgReliant Genetics director of IT. “We needed a way for reps to work more comfortably out in the field and still access CRM data. With Sage SalesLogix running on iPad tablets, they have everything needed from territory maps that drill into account details to speech-to-text notes that go right into the CRM database. Our sales and customer satisfaction have improved because reps can now manage most opportunities or issues right on location.”

In the field

Seed sales now enhanced with iPadsThe company provides iPad tablets to each sales rep and has made most program capabilities mobile, visual, voice-activated, and keyboardless. Security provisions include the ability to remotely wipe any tablet that is lost or stolen.

AgReliant Genetics reps use Google Maps on their iPads with color-coded pins visualizing Sage SalesLogix data to indicate each farming account’s current acreage, how recently seed was purchased, and each farmer’s unique agronomic specifications, including soil type and equipment preferences. Other tablet status views indicate order statuses, customer prospects, and more.

The most popular feature is a speech-to-text call note capability. They can simply speak into their tablets after sales visits, and notes are automatically transcribed into the appropriate Sage SalesLogix contact, account, opportunity, and to-do fields.

AgReliant Genetics markets five seed brands in Midwestern corn and soybean states. Each representative works with a customer base of farmers, dealers and retail operations, traveling approximately 50,000 miles a year while working out of their trucks to service territories. Prior to implementing Sage SalesLogix, sales representatives across all five brands used individual selling processes.


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