Organic Compost- Best natural fertilizer in Pakistan
- 53%

Organic Compost- Best natural fertilizer in Pakistan


  • 1 Kg Quality Packaging
  • Nutrient Rich Organic Compost
  • Enriched with high ratio of organic matter & all other nutrients – upto 4 times more output than normal soil.
  • Free from all kinds of unwanted seeds
  • 100% ennvironmentally friendly and free from any
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What are the advantages of using organic fertilizer?

1. Soil Structure Because of the organic matter present in organic fertilizer, soil structure is improved and as a result the soil’s ability to hold onto water and nutrients increases

2. Microbes Thrive Synthetic fertilizer consists of chemi cal molecules without carbon. These molecules can sometimes be disruptive and are not accessible to microbes. On the other hand, organic fertilizer is rich in organic matter, which helps microbes thrive. Organic fertilizer contains carbon as part of its chemi-cal makeup; and it is the carbon, along with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that feeds microbes and enables them to make nutrients available for plants in a naturally occurring biological process.

3. Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Synthetic fertilizers runoff into our waterways harming marine life and water quality. Organic fertilizers do not run off as easily (if at all) and are associated with soil structure. According to the Organic Trade Association, organic fertilizer also increases species biodiversity by 30% compared with synthetic fertilizer.

4. Reduce Fertilizers and Pesticides Although organic fertilizer can be more costly than synthetic, it can reduce the need for pesticides and the overall nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium requirements. Because of the reductions, organic fertilizer can be cost neutral and sometimes a cost savings

5. Plant Damage Threat Avoided Some synthetic fertilizers can cause plant damage to leaves and roots. This is less likely with organic fertilizers.

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