Super plant food: for vegetables, flowers and herbs
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Super plant food: for vegetables, flowers and herbs


  • Premium quality balance combination of all essential micronutrietns and macronutrients
  • Special formulated for foliar application
  • 100% quick and easy water soulable
  • Dose: dissolved one gram of plant superfood in one litre of water and spray on plants
  • 100 gms packaging for preparation of 100 litres of foliar applicatio
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This product (super plant food) is a perfect blend of micronutrients and macronutrients that provide all essentials nutrients to plant that required for proper growth. Foliar spray promote leaves formation in the plant and leaves color become dark green that produce more food for plant as result plant having more branches, more leaves, more flowers and more fruits.

Warning: If burning or negative symptoms appear on plants immediately spray simple water (clean water) on plant like washing with water in order to avoid serious damage. In case of seedlings or young plants dose started from minimum i.e. 0.25 gm in 1 litre (dilute solution) or 0.5 gm in 1 litre (Slightly strong solution) or 0.75 gm per litre (moderate strong solution) and finally 1 gm per litre (strong solution).

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