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Social Media – A Magic Wand in Agriculture

clip_image001[1]Social Media is the craziest thing in which people of every age and every group of life are involved and actually addicted to it. Average time people spend on Social Interactive sites like Facebook and Twitter is 5-7 hours. So this time is purely dedicated for interaction with people and discussion of lot of things around.

By: Haroon Hemani (Student at Department of Agriculture & Agribusiness Management, University of Karachi)

Social Media is not just for fun but in fact it works as a magic wand by which you can do wonders. Now people are doing their businesses from social media. Now every business should have a social interactive website so that they get an instant feedback about their businesses and get the public point of view about the product they sell. Social Media is not magical just for business related issues but they are doing magic on educational and research grounds as well. So Social Media is a package where people get what they want and they can discuss their point of views and can share things of their interests as well.

When Social Media waved the Magic Wand over Agriculture, the whole concept of agriculture changed. From student to a professional farmer actually entered into a new phase of agriculture where things get better, effective and easy!

Social Media and Agriculture Students

Social media make agriculture academics simple. Students now find E-books, Handouts, Research Papers and many informative videos on farming and livestock as well. And above all they can interact with different students, teachers and professionals and can discuss their problems, give their thoughts on different issues and in addition you will be noticed by professionals too! You can also talk to people around the world and can learn about diverse agricultural systems working in different countries. Students can find internships and jobs through social media.


Making Extension work trouble-free

Extension work a very important part of agriculture sciences and management is now not so difficult as compared to previous days. Now you can easily engage with the farmers through social media and can guide and inform about new technologies and how they can work better for farmers. Farmers on other hand can ask about different diseases and management issues and find their solutions easily. Information about the time and quantity of Fertilizer and Pesticide use is now as simple as ABC. Farmers now share their experiences, problems and solutions on Facebook, twitter and even youtube and it benefits new people in this field as well as professional farmers. AgChats is the perfect example of it.


Farm Record Keeping and Management Software and Apps

Farm Recording is the key of farming and this is become very easy by Mobile apps and Farm recording software like agsquared, farmlogs and FarmPAD. Now you can manage and record each and everything on the go. These magical softwares helps you to organize your farm in seconds, so nothing to worry about because magic is in the air!


Social Media and Agribusiness

E-agribusiness is a popular term for the people related to agriculture. Agribusiness become digital nowadays. There are many companies who have their product website and they actively use social media for the marketing of  their agricultural products.


There are websites which brings importers and exporters on one platform so that consumer can find their desired products at good price.


Companies related to Agriculture technologies and machineries also work passionately on social media.


People are now selling gardening equipment through social media and they are making good money out of it.


Awareness Campaigns through Social Media

Awareness campaigns are very common on social media and you find bulk of awareness campaigns under the title of Agriculture.


Social media is doing magical things around us and actually it is helping the whole Agriculture Sector including farming and livestock. Every branch of agriculture is now connected with social media from seed to harvesting a crop and raising livestock. Social Media in fact created Agriculture a magical world where you just need a magic wand to conquer it!

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