In Pakistan:

In Pakistan, sugar production is 6 million tones and the consumption is 200,000 tons (USDA Analysis, May, 2017). Sugar is the 2nd largest industry in Pakistan after Textile. The estimated per capita consumption of sugar in Pakistan is 25 kg which is highest in Asia comprising China with 11 kg, India with 20 kg and Bangladesh with 10kg per capita consumption.


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According to groups of doctors, nutritionist, and biologist, “Sugar is a toxin that disturbs the Body organs, hormonal cycle, as well as, it is the main cause of weak willpower, which are the major problem of our generation, now-a-days” (Mark Batman). Furthermore, major drawbacks of sugar are obesity and metabolic disorders, like diabetes as one third of American, 12.5 million children are obese and in 2011 about 12 million American had the illness. Sugar is one of the major causes of Heart disease and obesity (John, 1972). By combing the two documents from 1950s and 1960s, Researcher from San Francisco and University of California reported that Sugar industries diverting the attention of Sugar consumers away from Heart diseases, fat and cholesterol caused by it, by promoting and sponsoring the researches in favour of sugar.

The major sources of energy for our body are Fats, carbohydrates and proteins. The more palatable and useful carbohydrate is sugar. Sugar is also called childhood alcohol as one third American children are obese. A growing body of scientific evidence is showing that fructose can trigger processes that lead to liver toxicity and a host of other chronic diseases. Robert Lusting said that; ‘Sugar is the alcohol of child, and that’s why children today are getting the diseases of alcohol-type 2 diabetes and fatty liver diseases’

Here the query arises that our ancestors devour sugar however they by no means faced such more or less problems? Simple resolution is that Nature never provide them sugar for entire yr, they consume sugar from fruits which used to be available just for few months, however now, human is in complete access to sugar. Today more than 70% commodities are sugar primarily based. a Large Number Of nations and cities banned the alcohol and tobacco at formative years degree. But nonetheless kids have extra cases of fat, weight problems, liver and middle illnesses why? Because main thing of their vitamin is sugar and sugar based totally commodities. Now-a-days, in many parts of the arena, people are consuming an average of more than 500 calories in keeping with day from sugar alone (‘the global sugar glut’).

Sugar typically reasons the sicknesses associated with Metabolic syndrome i.e. diabetes, hypertension (Todays maximum common in Pakistani new generations), Aging procedure enhancement, it additionally causes toxic results on liver simply as in case of alcohol. The United States spends $65 billion in misplaced productiveness and $150 billion on health-care resources yearly for morbidities related to metabolic syndrome. Seventy-five in step with cent of all US health-care bucks at the moment are spent on treating those diseases and their resultant disabilities. Another research conducted in 2013 together with 175 countries clearly showed that sugar consumption immediately will increase the diabetes risks. The learn about additionally discovered that members who ate up approximately 17 to 21 per cent in their day by day energy within the form of added sugar, had about 38 percent higher possibility of dying from heart problems, when compared to people who were given more or less eight p.c of their general calories from added sugar. Recent and mounting clinical proof clearly proves that sugar — and flour, which raises blood sugar even more than table sugar — is biologically addictive. In reality, it’s up to 8 times extra addictive than cocaine.

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