Mian Imtiaz  Ali  Khan Lalika is  a  well-known, educated & progressive cotton grower of Tehsil Haroonabad  District  Bahawalnagar. He belongs to a very large, well known political and influential Lalika Family of Haroonabad. He started farming in 1980 and with 38 years of vast experience in crops cultivation he became a passionate grower especially in Cotton crop. He personally supervise all activities throughout cotton season.

Along  with  a  rich  experience  he  also  worked  very  hard resulting, output kept growing every year. He reached desired returns & achieved visible economic growth.

Best Practices of Cotton Growing

Selection  of  new  technology,  knowledge based  farming  and effective Seed Management, Nutrition Management, Weed Management and Pest Management can produce healthy crop with high yield and quality.

Under the specified natural conditions like climate, Soil suitability and Pest Problems best recommended agronomic practices, Fertilizer, weedicides & Pesticides for growing Cotton are   seed   variety,   Land   preparation,   Weeds   management, Nutrition management, crop water requirement, and Fertigation and pest management.

Many people in this area have started to follow the same pattern in their farming practices especially Nutraful Fertilizers.

Agronomic Practices

Geographical Location: Chak # 23-24/3 – Lalika, Haroon Abad
Total Land Holding: 580 acres
Soil Type: Loamy (Mera)
Water Source: Tube well & Canal
Major Crop: Cotton & Wheat
Sowing Period: April May 2018
Sowing Method: Ridge sowing, Drill Sowing
Area under Major crop: 550 acres
Seed Variety used: LS-1 (09 acres) Bahar-7 (75 acres) Nayab -878 (145 acres) SS-32 (77 acres) BS-15 (114 acres) BS-18 (55 acres) FH-490 (75 acres)
  Yield Variety wise/acre: LS-1 (34 mounds), Bahar-7 (34 mounds), Nayab 878 (30 mounds), SS-32 (29 mounds) BS-15 (23 mounds), BS-18 (18 mounds) Overall Avg yield 30 mounds per acre
Total no. of Sprays of Pesticides: 11
Total no. of Seed treatments: Hombre 200 ml/ 40 kg
Total no. of Weedicide: Panida Grande, Mera -71(JAS)
Fertilizer Used Nutraful Fertilizers (JAS)
Fertilizer Quantity (Kg/acre) Nutraful DAP-75 kg, Nutraful Urea-100 kg, Cheetah SOP-50 kg,
Yield Per Acre (Mounds/ acre) 30 Mounds/acre
        Total no. of Sprays of insecticides: 1-Lesenta + Movento 2-Belt + Decis Super 3-Lesenta + Movento 4-Belt @ 50 ml/acre 5-Chlorfenapyr + Titonic  (JAS) 6-Pyriproxyfen + Deltamethrin (JAS) 7-Confidor + Corridor +Decis Super, 8- Diafenthiuron +Decis Super 9-Triazophos+Bifenthrin (JAS) 10- Triazophos +Bifenthrin (JAS) 11-Pyriproxyfen+Jinteng (JAS)
Total no. of Sprays of Amino Acids: Tecamin Max @ 500ml /acre (2- sprays) (JAS)
  Total Use of Zinc & S: Sulfex Gold @ 2 kg/acre at 30-35 days crop. (JAS)
Grozin @ 6 kg/acre at 45-50 days crop (JAS)

Yield Comparison in Nutraful and Non Nutraful

Crop   2018
Nutraful Crop Non Nutraful Crop (Nearby farmer)
Cotton Cotton
Area under Crop (Acres) 550 170
Yield Per Acre (mounds) 30 18

* 1 Bag = 120Kg

Nearby Farmer Fertilizer information.

Engro DAP  50 kg/acre Engro Urea  100 kg/acre CAN            50 kg/acre


1.  Last year used NUTRAFUL in 5 acres of Wheat crop and got

9 mounds more yield than standard fertilizers. Then he used Nutraful on total acreage (550 acres) of Cotton and got Good average yield of 30 mounds/acre.

2.  Multidimensional farmer, running also a successful Lalika seeds company selling Quality cotton and wheat seeds and also running Lalika Ginners at Haroonabad at same time.

3.  This year Avg cotton yield is 30 mounds per acre vs Last year average production was 18 mounds/acre.

Reasons of Success

1.    Use of Nutraful Fertilizers.

2.    Timely weed control with Panida Grande & Mera -71.

3.    2-sprays of amino acid (Tecamin Max).

4.    Guidance and supervision of Jaffer Agro service.

Main learning and plan of future

S. No Main Learning Future Plans
01 He  used  Nutraful  fertilizer  in 5-acre Wheat in 2017-18 & got higher yield of 09 mounds per acre  in  Nutraful  crop  Verses standard fertilizer Wheat crop. Due to increase 9 mounds in Wheat  crop  He  convinced  to use Nutraful fertilizer in 550 acres Cotton crop & got 30 mounds per acre yield verses below   20   mounds   per   acre yield of his nearby fallow farmers of his area.
02 Due to Nutraful Fertilizer use healthy crop, more no of bolls & boll size & yield increase as compared to fallow Farmers of his  area  yield  below 20- mounds (used Classical Fertilizer)  &  He  got  30- mounds per acre with Nutraful Fertilizer.  (Nutraful  DAP  1.5 Bags + SOP 01-bag + Nutraful Urea 2-bags) Due to increase in yield & quality of Cotton Seed He has convinced to use Nutraful Fertilizer on all acres of Wheat now.
03 By using Nutraful Fertilizers cotton   plant   remain   healthy and green till end. No stunted growth  observed.  Nutraful Crop  Tolerate  biotic  and abiotic stresses. Less shedding of   squares,   flowers.   While using  classical  fertilizers stunted growth observed, Fruit shedding and stresses also observed. Farmer is highly satisfied by Nutraful Fertilizers and motivated to use Nutraful Fertilizers in all crops in future.
04 More Profit margin using Nutraful Fertilizer. High Profit rate make Nutraful   as   first   choice   in future.

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