Guard Agricultural Research & Services (Pvt) Limited has introduced the rigors of a brand new “Super Hybrid Rice” selection having potential to provide rice as much as 180 maunds consistent with acre. “We are launching the pains of this variety by sowing it over a space of 100 acres of land in Badin District (Sindh) within the batches of 10 acres to test its doable in Pakistani climate,” mentioned Guard Agri’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Shahzad Ali Malik whilst speaking to Business Recorder right here on Saturday.

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Guard Agri, having accomplished complete technology switch in hybrid rice seed is by a long way the market leader in the seed marketplace with 74.2% percentage, reflecting the energy of the corporate as a research orientated group.

Last year, the corporate tested another Hybrid selection called 403, advanced via the Longping Company of China, in the same house, which produced exceptional results and given yield much more than what it given in China. That Hybrid rice produced 135-140 maunds per acre of production in Pakistan. The new variety being put in to trial this yr may be developed by means of the same Chinese Company which could also be working in agricultural research in collaboration with Guard Agri in Pakistan.

Malik said that when good fortune of the new selection, which is yet to be named for Pakistan, Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) will behavior two years trial of it and then with the approval of Variety Evaluation Committee, it can be presented for commercial sowing. He claimed that Guard Agri is the only corporate in Pakistan doing elementary analysis and construction in new Basmati and non Basmati Rice types. Guard Agri has a nationwide seed distribution network subsidized by way of full technical improve services to the farmer.

He was hoping that the hybrid rice seed protection from the present 25-30% to over 50% within the next three years. He mentioned that with the success of different hybrid rice a large spice up is anticipated within the production which is at the present is around four.five million heaps in keeping with annum. It could also be discussed right here that during hybrid rice, around 90% of the realm planted with the long-grain seed lies in Sindh while the remainder 10% is cultivated in south Punjab.

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