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China opens its market to Pakistani agricultural products

China is trying to increase its import of agricultural merchandise from Pakistan, with the intention to reinforce bilateral industry between the two...

China’s hybrid wheat in Pakistan

China’s hybrid wheat, the use of the two-line hybrid technique, has been effectively harvested on a large scale in Pakistan, consistent...

China dominating in rice could offer export opportunities

As it has with different crops, together with cotton, corn and wheat, China is fast changing into the 800-pound gorilla on this planet’s...

With CPEC, Pakistan could play host to Chinese industries

KARACHI: Pakistan could see an industrialisation wave in the coming months through the addition of production and manufacturing units including mobile and laptop assembly plants...

CPEC: Pak to export hybrid rice for the first time ever

The mega China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has enabled Pakistan to export hybrid rice for the first time ever. The statement aforementioned is a proof...

Pakistan and India trade to be promoted by protecting rights of...

Trade between Pakistan and India should be promoted by protecting the rights of stakeholders particularly the growers. It was recommended by the roundtable conference...
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