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Crops Suitable for Drip Irrigation, Types of Drip Irrigation

Hello farmers and gardeners, we're back with an excellent information of kinds of drip irrigation and vegetation suitable for drip irrigation. Drip irrigation is...

Farmer turns Pakistan’s sand dunes green

One farmer has pioneered drip irrigation to grow to be wasteland right into a fruit orchard in Punjab – however at...

Watering Plants While on Vacation

Plants need water. You may like to take your holiday in the peak of summer, but being left on my own...

4 technology trends impacting agriculture in 2019

Mzansi’s agripreneurs are embracing technology innovation like by no means sooner than. They know really well that era continues to play...

UVAS Pattoki Campus sets up drip irrigation plant

Just 82 kilometers off to Lahore, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) Pattoki Campus has set up drip irrigation plant...

How To install A Drip Irrigation System

This video is about "How To install A Drip Irrigation System", drip irrigation is the only way to use less amount of water and produced...

Drip Irrigation System in Pakistan

This video is all about the use of drip irrigation system in Pakistan. Drip Irrigation helps us to save water and produced more using...

Drip irrigation system beneficial for farmers

SARGODHA  – The Agriculture Department has urged farmers to install drip irrigation system in their fields as it is cost effective and offers handsome...
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