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Orchids: Exotic plants

For thousands and thousands of years the most important circle of relatives in the kingdom of plants, the orchids, abounded in the world of...

68th Annual Pakistan flower show

Flowers bloom and nature smiles at the 68th Pakistan annual Flower Show will commence on 21st February at Seaview Park DHA Karachi and will...

Flowers guide

Here we are compiling indoors germination information for home gardener. Latin Name Common Name Light/dark germ germ. temp. Days to germination Germination to bloom - days Abutilon Flowering Maple Cover Lightly 72-76° 14-21 days 11-16 Weeks Achillea Yarrow Do...

Flowers in January

Brides getting married in the winter may worry there will not be many floral varieties and colors available. Far from it! There are many...

10 flowers to pick in July

Here are 10 gorgeous flowers to pick in July. July is a wonderful time in the garden, with many flowers at their peak.    1 Love-in-a-mist Love-in-a-mist, such as...

How to get more flowers in Bougainvillea ?

Overwatering. Being the hardy plants they are, bougainvillea don't need much water. Like cactus, your bougainvillea is actually native to very arid conditions so water it only when...

Flowers in February

This video show flowers that perform good in the month of February and make your garden beautiful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16UMvMcYk5w

Promoting Floriculture

By Dr S M Alam FLORICULTURE is fast emerging as a profitable venture and the country is also earning a sizable foreign exchange by...



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