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Linking food and energy to save water

Linking food and energy to save water: The interdependence of water, energy and food resources requires co-ordinated policies and improved management The United Nations forecasts that...

Fostering biodiversity benefits farmers, environment and our diets

Over the next few decades, we have to eradicate hunger, and do so for a growing population. And we’ll have to do that amid climate...

Agriculture sector promotion: ministry sets up 35 committee

The Ministry of Commerce (MoC) has constituted 35 committees across the country to promote the agricultural sector which was neglected in past to save...

Grow your hanging gardens of Babylon

Certain forward-thinking people square measure reinventing farming as we all know it. Indoor, organic urban farms growing food vertically victimization husbandry and aquaponic principles,...

Sindh has adequate wheat stock to meet existing demand

Sindh province has adequate wheat stock to meet the existing demand till the arrival of next crop, traders said on Monday. Talking to Business...

Is your organic produce really pesticide-free?

The unimaginable success and sustained growth of the organic movement over the past many decades has LED to several positive changes for the overall...



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