Here we are compiling indoors germination information for home gardener. Latin Name Common Name Light/dark germ germ. temp. Days to germination Germination to bloom – days Abutilon Flowering Maple Cover Lightly 72-76° 14-21 days 11-16 Weeks Achillea Yarrow Do Not Cover 65-70° 15-20 Days 5 Months if started indoors Acroclinium […]

In the working vegetable garden, the overall visual design may not he important. Vegetables are, of course, decorative in their own right, and even the most regimented plot, where everything is grown in rows, usually has some visual appeal. With this type of garden, however, the design is subordinate to […]

Everyone agrees that organic gardening means avoiding synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. But the philosophy and practice of organic gardening go far beyond that simple concept. Growing organic food, flowers, and landscapes represents a commitment to a sustainable system of living in harmony with nature. For many people, organic gardening is a way of life. […]

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