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Processing of Green, Semi-ripe and Ripe Mangoes

Mango is a fruit of tropical and sub-tropical regions of Pakistan which has many varieties. Pakistan Produce 8% of the world’s mangoes and ranked 4th in...

Kharif Fruits in Pakistan

Kharif fruits refers to the planting, cultivation and harvesting of any domesticated plant sown in the rainy (monsoon) season on the Asian subcontinent. Such...

Meagre resources allocated to tackle climate change

ISLAMABAD: Climatic variation over the past few days reinforced the unpredictability and uncertainty of climate in the age of climate change. Climate change has two basic...

Mango growers feel the heat as Pakistan tackles climate change

KARACHI: Pakistan may be among the top five producers of mango in the world, but its production was 50% of its capacity last year, according...

Summer mango fruit fly incursions lead to tougher SA import restrictions

South Australia has strengthened its import requirements, following the discovery of fruit fly larvae in four consignments of Queensland mangoes sent to South Australia...

Mango Varieties

The Indo-Pakistan mangoes are monoembryonic and seedlings differ invariably from each other. The wide variations among the seedling progeny have been responsible for the...

Mango exporters violating packaging policy

Karachi: A number of exporters are not following standardised packing for mango exports which started last week. The Ministry of Commerce, through an SRO in...

East or west, Pakistani mangoes are the best

Muzammil Ferozi  KARACHI: Mango is called “The King of Fruit,” one of the most nutritious, not to mention delicious as Pakistani Mangoes are high in...



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