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What is Organic farming & status in Pakistan

Modern agriculture largely depends on the use of fossil fuel base inputs, such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and labor saving but energy intensive...

Organic Fertilizer for Vegetable Garden

The biggest challenge faced by our cities is the ad-hoc collection of untreated waste that rots and decomposes without purpose or care from the government authorities....

Is Organic Food Actually More Sustainable?

At Columbia, a culture of heightened environmental awareness has led to the proliferation of sustainable meals choices: Meatless Mondays on the eating halls, weekly farmers markets, and...

What Brexit Means For Organic Food & Sustainable Agriculture

After 3 tumultuous years in British politics, Britain has formally passed the Withdrawal Agreement Bill and ended just about half a century of close ties with...

Farming Without Pesticides: How Can We Make Agriculture Greener?

Hanging on a gate is a sign studying: "Potatoes — wholesome and scrumptious." The slogan, to which the word "uncommon" may just justifiably be added, is consistent...

Organic Rice Cultivation in Pakistan: A new movement started

Rice is one of the import crops next to wheat and cotton. Wheat is on the top rank in the cultivated crop of Pakistan...

EU’s new agriculture Commissioner vows to promote organic farming

Access to land for younger farmers and a focus on transport problems have been different highlights of the Commissioner’s speech on the EU Agricultural Outlook conference...

Study aims to help control disease in organic crops

A U.S. Department of Agriculture National Institute of Food and Agriculture Organic Transitions grant is funding a study of management options for middle rot illness in...



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