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What Brexit Means For Organic Food & Sustainable Agriculture

After 3 tumultuous years in British politics, Britain has formally passed the Withdrawal Agreement Bill and ended just about half a century of close ties with...

Organic certification in Pakistan: How certified your products as organic

Organic production required a certification in order to confirmation that production is performing using natural inputs and meet the standards of the organic proposed by USDA...

Organic farming in Southeast Asia

There is a rising interest in organic produce in Southeast Asia. In response to abruptly converting farming practices, natural farming is an alternate agricultural device that...

Organic Agriculture Industries Status of Pakistan

Organic farming is a new fascinating trend in Pakistan agriculture farmers and exporter community. The main reason of increasing farmer’s interest in organic farming is globally increasing...

Best Natural Organic Compost (Fertilizer) in Pakistan

Nutrients rich organic compost is one of the best natural nutrients organic compost in Pakistan excursively available on agrinfobak.com.pk online shop and official store...

Organic agriculture and the law

Organic agriculture and the law This publication seeks to identify and explain the different legal issues related to organic production, including a comparative analysis of...

Organic farming systems as a driver for change

Since 1980’s, NJF members from Nordic and Baltic countries have been engaged in research, development and extension work in organic farming and food systems....

Organic Farming is More Profitable than Traditional Agriculture

Food security has always been the most strategic goal for countries around the world. Food safety is an additional unit resulting from the number...



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