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Fertilizers and Environmental Pollution

Fertilizers are natural or inorganic substances, both man-made or natural, used to supply parts (akin to nitrogen, phosphate and potash) very important...

Lactobacillus for Plant Growth

Lactobacillus is a naturally happening bacterium. It performs a fermentation serve as within the human intestine and in other cardio situations....

Balanced soil enlarge agriculture fertility

The Cotton professional Dr Sagher Ahmed, a Ph.D scholar and dynamic farmer highlights the discrepancy use of fertilizers that was...

UK: Innovative farmers improve soils in shared rotations

Three ahead pondering arable and horticultural farmers, who each grow different plants in a shared rented land rotation, are pioneering a...

Organic matter: magic for agricultural soil

ORGANIC matter is an important part of the soil which acts as a remedy for improving the soil health. Addition of...

Soil Organic matter management in Organic farming

Organic subject in soil affects soil properties and processes and regularly one impact ends up in every other leading to a fancy...

New guar gum-based hydrogel can help save drought-hit crops

The guar gum-based hydrogel is biodegradable and provides organic content to the soil upon degradation. Scientists have developed a hydrogel from...

Living with organic inputs

HEALTHY soil is a combination of minerals, rock, water, air, organic matter (plant and animal residue), micro-organisms, including bacteria, fungi, protozoa and a variety...



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